When I saw the end of this movie, I said to myself.. “Great but this is enough.” hehe Why? I tried to think to watch it again but I thought of well, once is enough.

download (5)Anyway, after getting late going to trinoma from my work watching this movie with Rheg, we actually went back at Trinoma around 8pm. We did not reach the 12pm showing, due to my slow actions. hehe Besides, we need to wait for Khaye at STC after her meeting.
After speaking with EA and graciously making to Trinoma before the showtime at around 8pm, we watched it 2D and the movie theater is well, full.
Story involves around Cobb, (Leo) who is doing corporate espionage or getting secrets from Saito (Ken Watanabe) but it failed. So as a punishment or blackmail sort of, Saito wants to have Cobb do Inception, putting an idea to somebody’s mind which Cobb says no one can do it or it’s impossible to do it.
At the end, he agreed to do it for a competitor of Saito which is Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy). Well, that’s it, Cobb assembled the team, from Ariadne (Ellen Page), Eames, Yusuf and the dude, Arthur (Joseph the 500 days of summer guy!).
As the mission goes as planned, with the most important tool is the dreams they go for or created for the mission, they having a problem with it especially with Cobb, at the final dream, he was trapped and then tried to save Saito but well at the end. I don’t understand if it’s he’s ok or trapped forever.
Why is the summary such crap? Damn, the movie is complex. Simply that’s it.I can’t be more detailed or tell more about it because it’s hard to explain or making it simple.
Anyway, even it’s that complicated, it’s one of the best movies so far.. But my heart still falls to Kick Ass!!! hehe
Best movie for so many elements. First the editing, good job to the editors of this movie. I will not be surprised if they will be nominated or win an oscar for this movie. Especially how the flow of the movie went, I know it’s complicated but on how they presented it, damn good. Like the dream sequences, never seen it before, at least for now. hehe
Second, the idea of the movie is ambitious, that’s why the script or the plot of the movie is kept secret until it was shown.. It is like an art film with only involves a very huge budget. It is very innovative and interesting some sort. I know it has questions left unanswered but as an movie experience, it went good and well.
Third, actors!! I do like Leo in this film, it’s just matter of time, well if this is the film he can get an award or from shutter island. Ellen Page, underrated actress, from Juno or Hard Candy, then this one? Just the right dumbfounded Architect. hehe Then other actors as well, and the one will be playing Mad Max, I know the reason why he will become Mad Max, he’s fit for the role. =)
Joseph Gordon done a good job as well for the right hand, and I don’t know how he was able to do the stunts but damn, he looked cool and calm and clean as well. Great job for him!!! I’m not sure about nominated but critics wise, the role is good for him..
Of course my fave is Cobb because the truthfulness in his dilemma and how he do the job, my second fave is Mal, (Marion Cotillard). Even her role is kinda pest in sense of the role, that’s good for her. hehe Nobody in the story are like pure bad or evil character, it is only her because she’s ruining the job always. That’s how Cobb loves the person, he keeps it until the deepest dream or memory, and he lets it show even she ruins the job. hehe
The effects of course, I almost forgot, damn slow motion.. Great work especially those multilayer sequences and action sequences floating in the air or sort of, that’s one of a hell movement. Those where the thrill feeling comes in.
Someone I know like Cobb feels that.. Hmmmm
Anyway, the film has drawbacks. Yes the first one is it’s very long and some parts are dragging. Especially in the middle part where they are testing or planning the mission but it’s not wholly enticing. I do love the scene where Adriadne playing the dream. hehe
I do somewhat love the ending but it just leave more questions. Which goes to number two.. Sci Fi indeed, it does gives you more questions than answers. But come on, at least not like how Cobb get the equipment to make those people fall asleep longer and do the dream sequence. It’s not like falling asleep and dream right? hehe It’s not that simple. How Michael Caine’s character, influence Cobb to do that before? Or how about their past missions? Or even the ending, is he alive or trapped forever in a dream?
Well, it’s just too many questions to be answered and I will not be surprised if there will be a sequel or prequel. However, those are not easy questions to be answered. Mind you, it will be a long movie again. Although the movie experience is good, but not great like Kick Ass or even Blade Runner or 2001.
Lastly, what else, ah yes, since the concept is good and they had more questions left unanswered, they just made the movie shorter or like at least compressed the movie. I mean, answer some questions of the movie then put it in a scene or scenes. Or they can make the first scenes shorter, that first scenes, it’s like a movie itself already. hehe
But if they do that, I don’t know how the editors will respond to it.
After watching it, gave me a headache. hehe But it’s a good one at least, or even Rheg and Khaye who admitted fell asleep during some parts of the movie. =)
However, I going to put this in the collection and I’ll try to prepare my mind when watching this movie again. Maybe I missed some parts of it. hehe
Yes, our mind can be an architect of something big..
Big as a dream..
Dream which has no boundaries.
Dream which can be a scene of a crime..


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