realizations (part 16)

241. I know the answer in 240

242. My job is a collector, well I am hunted by collectors.. Damn ironic. hehe
243. Ah yes, medyo iba na ang standards. At least not like her, but hmmmm similar siguro. =)
244. Once I am doing something, I can’t be stopped.
245. I should have a new pair of glasses.
246. My mind is indeed working all the time.. Even at my sleep..
247. I just got tired of staring my calendar, dapat makita na sa personal tong si Ni�a. hehe
248. Maybe I should take the offer of Raims to decorate my room. =) Different vibe I guess..
249. I have a long way to improve sa Magic, pero naimprove naman ako, yun tatlo kaya paano? hehe
250. at the 3rd of each month, kinda special?
251. tama lang pala ang 20 each month of posts
252. I really need an i5 computer. Yes!!!!!
253. It is really difficult to be alone… =(
254. Dapat bumili na ng bagong industrial fan sa room.
255. it is Raining season indeed…
256. very subjective Voice Of the Customer survey.. Bwahahahaha


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