Love Vs. Right

In all decisions, I just realized, these two aspects in life are the most difficult and nerve wracking choices I’d encounter..

Right, which is a choice you made to please other people or in the society or family, just to say hey he’s a good man.
Love, which well, many explanations, but for me, what made me happy. What keeps me going everyday. I love doing these things. And love of course, about relationships to other people.
When I’ve done the right thing, they are happy.. When I’ve done what I love, not all of them are happy… Cruel logic. =(
However, as time goes by, and I read some sharings or reflection, God gave us this choice, do what you love most as long you know what you are doing. Or you can also do what is right to feel not only safe but peace in life. Confusing right? =(
But over these years, I felt I always do what is right.. Do this, do that or whatever, and I just follow them.
Some of them, they were perfectly right for me. Even at first, nah I don’t like it, but eventually it grows and I love it! =)
However, some of those things, it did not go well with me. It’s not right to me, it’s not like me.. That kind of feeling..
Loving something gave me a different view in life. I just realized that when I look back and there somethings came in my way that I love doing it..
Unfortunately, some of them even I tried to work it out, it did not work. Some actions I thought I love having it or you thought this is it, it failed..
Eventually, in those failures or trials I faced when I love certain thing or task or whatever, it gave me something to cheer about or put a smile in my face for a while. Meaning, I should do what I love. Maybe I haven’t done this before, but it is, for me, doing something you love, gives a certain satisfaction and worse, wants to keep it!!! hehe
Of course not all of it can be done because it’s not right. I should choose some of it, it’s right but as long you love it, should I care about them? =)
I know it’s too late to make up for those choices, but well, I just felt, I will be feeling better if I do what I want, even it’s risky or somewhat safe, as long I love that choice, then I should go for it. No matter what!
It is hard to comprehend, but that’s love, you just feel it.. I know those two should be together, but not all the time..
It happened before, maybe I should have made the right choice… =)


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