blame it to Dell

just because of the unlimited internet access given to us when I was an employee of Dell, or it is a must to access the internet..
I became addicted to blogging

I check the internet for news and updates rather than newspaper or watching TV
I became a more critic because of reading movie blogs and posts, ah yes, while the customer is on hold or better yet, while talking to them. Multitasking. hehe
I discovered new things and tools as well
I became a pirate because of them.. hehe
Thanks to the net and Dell, I like what I discovered.
It brought my knowledge at least, not higher but I knew a lot because of the net.. Let’s say next level? hehe
I forgot, like my former coach says, the best search tool on earth. Google..
The best web browser, Google Chrome. hehe
I guess I should blame those 3 entities.
How are they right now.. I wonder, surprisingly, they are still there..
Well, at Dell I suppose.


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