movie lib

Yes, after Doc suggest to have a list of all the data disc I have for my collection. It’s finished!

275 movies plus
20 music albums
almost 10 more stuff and programs
in 55 dvds for now…
Wow, I can’t imagine kung gaano kadami na pala nadodownload ko. hehe
Kalahati na ng 100 cd case napupuno ko. Well, yun iba na ulit kasi wala ako listahan. Pero ngayon, naulit pa yun isa but maayos na. hehe
From cartoons, old school stuff, to hard to find movies that I like.. Ayun nakukuha ko na.
Naisip ko na din na magkaroon na ng external kasi siyempre and DVD di rin tatagal for long time, better to have another storage. Siyempre wala naman flash drive na 200 gb? hehe
FYI, I haven’t watch them all. Ginagawa ko lang is play some parts, ok na, burn it. hehe Pag hindi, bad trip, download ng ibang copy..
At times, medyo di na ko nakakatulog kasi minsan yun connection di na pala working so I need to guard. Minsan lang naman yun. Pero almost all the time, consistent naman yun connection. I love bayandsl! hehe Nahawa ata ako kay lola techie. hehe Except for watching channel 2 shows..
To watch these movies, well I need to convert it to wmv file para sa zune but in the future, pag ako ay may matinik na computer, sa LCD ko na lang papanoorin. Sorry HD LCD. If there is money. hehe If not, zune na lang..
Parang kailangan ko pa nga ng isa pang zune, for music lang. Tama na sakin tong 80gb for movie pleasure. hehe
Sana nga at the end of the year, maupgrade na tong computer ko. I feel, may wear and tear na to. Surprisingly, kahit sobrang gamit siya, tuloy tuloy lang siya and wala pa ko napapaayos dito kundi power supply. Thanks sa power supply ni Kuya Allan dati, hanggang ngayon ok pa yun computer ko. hehe
Nakaisip na ko specs for my new computer, so better watch out! hehe
Nah, ngayon di ko pa kailangan ng laptop. O netbook. I don’t know when to use them that’s why..
Thanks to my computer, my memoir of music, movies, pop culture are stored. Some of memories as well. Naks…
I want to thank and bitlord for the strong tandem of being my pirate. hehe
To my virusscan programs, bitdefender na lagi nagloloko sa update pero better than mcafee. Super anti spyware din na wala lang, dagdag scan. Yun warning ng microsoft na pampagulo sa start up. Don’t worry, next time, kukuha na ko copy ko. Sorry di windows 7, kung may xp pro edition pa, yun ang kukunin ko. hehe
Google chrome, may fave internet browser. The best!!!!
To my burner na ngayon lang nagagamit na todo. hehe
Everything to my computer thanks. Even my white keyboard and reliable mouse. How about my small LCD monitor? hehe
I will not be surprised kung bumigay na to in the future, sobrang sulit naman eh.
I’ll just make sure, I’ll get a better and stronger computer..
Lastly, I forgot, the movies I got.. Thanks for excitement you show to me. I don’t care if it was crap or what, it is indeed a good past time to watch about life. Whether it’s good or bad. LIfe or death. Fun or scary.
Love or Hate.
How big will be my library in the future?


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