Raining birthday bash..

At that very hour, I thought to myself, why having a hard rain in my special, happy day. It happened in the time I’m waiting for them.

Lintik na ulan yan, may nagback out.. Bwisit.
Pero sa huli, masaya naman. hehehe Kahit papano, biglang kabig yun panahon kahit medyo late na..
I had to reduce the number of people to come to my simple birthday this year. Since, many got invited, few came in. So this year, binabaan ko na.
Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate with me. Crap.. hehe
At that time, it made me sad, after some days of preparation tapos siyempre kinulit ko pa si mami for the handa, tapos eto pa ang ending.. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, wag na ko maghanda next year. Bad trip..
Ah that did not end the miserable hour. I had my very first guest to came in. However, due to the heavy rain, she decided to drop her gift na lang and left. Ayos. Naman oh. I don’t blame her, it’s just, errrrr damn rain..
However, I realized, aba may gift siya sa kin. I checked and I am happy and surprised. Happy because alam ko lagi naman ako nag gift sa kanya dati, at eto parang first time nag gift siya sakin, maganda yun gift niya. Love it.. hehe Surprised? Because, this is the proof na pati t shirt ata kailangan na ko magpalit ng size. hehehe
Well, she left… Then may nagtext na nasa espana na, kaso baka matagalan. Naisip ko, ayun nastuck siguro. Then other people texted their greetings saka nagback out.
Bad trip.. Sayang talaga. hehe
I just hope na sana may pumunta. I almost hope but oh well, never lose hope..
Parang sa nagsisiga, pag nawawalan na ng apoy, kailangan lang ng maraming paypay. hehe
Ivan went in first, tapos ayun, di naglunch.. Sulit ang handa ko sa kanya. hehe After that, Raims came in all the way from Bulacan.. Even in the bad weather, gave me a good book. Love it dude. hehe
Then, siyempre sabi nasa Shaw Blvd, pero dumating din, ang ungas este si Counselor Rheg with Khaye.. Tapos ang magiging doctor na si Ian and Tin..
No more, and no less… hehe
That time, masaya na ko, even there is overflowing of food, then the unopened the bar, but sipped some cossack blue, I was relieved. Relieved that some of my trusted friends came in even at that situation. Tuloy ang simple party..
Ah yes, nilaglag pa din ako ni Rheg. Pero infairness, twice lang. hehe May phone patch daw, kaso di tumawag eh. Hahaha
It was a simple dinner and talks as well, of course, they liked Mom’s salad, actually everything in the menu. hehe I’m glad nagustuhan nila. At I’m happy to see them…
My special entertainer ako, after eating 3 cups of ice cream, Aljune, gave his performance of the lifetime. hehehe Wala na kami ginawa kundi tumawa ng tumawa sa kanya, sobrang hyper, ano ano na sinabi. Grabe talaga.. Until na napagod na. Knockout. hehe
Thank you talaga sa 5 people na dumating, it is very touching and grateful talaga. hehe Si Igz naman nakabawi today so bro ok lang yun, medyo pahinga kailangan mo ha..
For all the greetings, thanks, even I had more sad and tiring days, this day even I felt old, I felt happy. Indeed happy..
Sorry kung yun iba di ko nainvite ulit. hehe
For those na di nakapunta but still gave some greetings thanks. Sa team, tuesday na lang kayo, thanks for the late greeting. hehe
Ah yes, siguro next year, more simple na lang. Inuulan na ko lagi eh. hehe
Thanks to my family, friends and to other people who at least remember..
That I’m a year older.. Crap. hehe
By the way, I love wearing that gift. 🙂 So sweet..
Ah yes, I do like rain but I don’t like raining in my birthday. hehe


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