San. Lynn Minmay (DYRL, Macross movie)

As I watch her sing in DYRL, I was so mesmerized. Dazed and addicted.. Blue hair (which is I know impossible in reality, hehe) Dazzling eyes, perky and sweet personality.. Most of all, damn sweet hypnotizing voice.. Oh well, there’s no like her in reality.. hehe

FB2012_MinmayWhy she is up high? Hmmmm of all the five anime ladies, she has not only has a sweet voice, a typical japanese girl quality but she was able to sing it in a great way.. Priss has a good voice but hers was more fit to rock songs. Lynn’s voice is for love, ballad and even pop, quite versatile I can say..
Well, she has shorcomings, one quite selfish because at first she doesn’t want to sing to save the dearly human race from Zentradi… And yes, quite childish.. Just like her.. hehe
But doesn’t stop from being to like her. I mean wow, I can’t just take my eyes off from her.. Especially when she sings. The singer behind her, I mean the voice actress.. Quite has some resemblance from somebody.. Hmmmmm. hehe But come on, she doesn’t have the looks of Lynn Minmay. hehe
The songs that I can truly say which I always stuck to her are the song she sang at the final battle sequence and of course, the last song.. Damn, I thought she can have an animated concert all by herself..
I don’t know how the creators thought of her, I mean I know she is like the typical jpop idol, but for me, she isn’t..
And she’s damn great. Lovely as well.. Hikaru made the wrong choice..
I’ll choose her over Misa. hehe
Lisa in Robotech sorry (for those who watched Robotech first).


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