500 days of summer

As June approaches and summer months almost done, I do think we can’t reach 500 days. hehe

download (1)“This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story. “
This film, is simply good..
That’s all I can say. The end. hehe
Wait.. You might ask why it is 500 days of summer? I asked as well myself, damn… That’s a long summer!
I did watch this after Yes Man, and I found this film through another referral from Raims. Thanks Raims! hehe
Well later I was surprised, she didn’t finish the movie. Clever.
The story is not simple. Simply great but not simple to digest. Especially this is a mixture of love and hate.
The guy Tom as a simple guy who loves The Smiths and watching The Graduate meets a gal named Summer. In their office of course. For Tom, Summer is the love of his life. He deny it at first but as Summer gets close to him, he fell for it.
Summer as she always says to Tom, ah yes, Summer also loves The Smiths but more of a reading type of girl, she says were friends. Friends that hold hands, ah yes you know the romantic things and they’re like a couple already. But Summer still feels, they’re are just best friends.
As the countdown to reach 500 days passes, the borderline of being friends and lovers are dimishing. For Tom, as he tried to really avoid getting falling in love further or attached to Summer, he wants Summer for his whole life. For Summer, as the story goes by, she can’t love Tom. She tried, but for her, they are not meant to be.
Tom destructed himself as he felt Summer is going far away and in the end, he was not the one that Summer loves. Summer in the end, married some guy who just loves reading Dorian Gray. They met at the last time, and left Tom dazed. Confused and moved on. He did meet a new girl, her name is Autumn. Nice.
This movie, seems cruel especially for Tom, but as imdb.com or how about me for example, there are some girls like Summer. That’s a fact. hehe But not as extreme like what Summer did.
Even it has a not good ending, the movie is still great. One, the cast is great, Joseph Gordon-Levitt definitely, a great role and it was fit for him. Cool dude, likes The Smiths, hmmm the attitude he has on girls and how he loved Summer. I was surprised he was snubbed by Oscars, like Sam Rockwell in Moon. hehe But damn he was great in the film. I feel sorry for him in the movie, especially in the parts where he is disintegrating because of love for Summer. hehe
Zooey Deschanel, this is where love hate part comes in. I do love her in the film at the sense how she acted Summer. Especially in the romantic and seductive moments which she calls “casual”. Hehe Damn, I love casual. hahaha I do hate the character. Simply because Summer is mean. Some moments in the movie, I feel sorry for Tom, that if I can just hurt Summer, but sorry, Summer used Tom and Tom just love Summer. All the time. However, Zooey is damn good. Oscar Snub? Yes for both of them, just a nomination should be given at least. Come on. hehe
The entire cast, great, from Chloe (Hit Girl) Moretz, to the 2 best friends of Tom, good actors. The pacing fine, at first, damn too fast but I like the parts where first it was sweet then another scene was the aftermath. But at the last parts, the film was into serious mood. As the movie approaches to the 500th day, there was suspense on how it happened. What really happened to Summer.
I have many scenes that I love, even the dialogue was great, like the Sid and Nancy dialogue or even elevator scene which they first meet. But the scene that I really like was the Expectation and Reality. What Tom is expecting and what really happened when he visited Summer. I thought of that before. hehe Yeah, it always happen the reality part. Damn, reality bites.
The movie I know it’s ended up not that good, but I still love it because love sometimes doesn’t really end in a happy tone, it’s hard to move on from a position which you still love the person. It happens. It happened already.
What I like in the movie as well, of course, the soundtrack. When you put sound of The Smiths in the right mood, then the movie is already good. Add to up some songs which are quite serious yet light rhythm. hehe Maybe I should get the OST of it.
I like even the dance scene, I thought the movie will be a musical. hehe
Anyway, indeed the days of getting in love shouldn’t be numbered, it should be forever and it should be for both of them. It should be unconditional not casual. hehe
Definitely, a movie to watch, but not as a movie date. hehe
“Please, please, please, let me get what I want”
Song played by Tom, trying to get attention from Summer. hehe

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