realizations (part 13)

197. If you want to be good at something, or you want that thing badly, sometimes, you need to be mad. hehe

198. This is the right time to find a girl.
199. As well, loneliness starting to sink in. Damn. hehe
200. I became thin without ever noticing it. Wow. But I need some excercise to become lean. hehe
201. Until now, medyo undecided pa ko kung sino iboboto ko. Well, almost all of them are bunch of wankers. hehe
202. Whenever I write something, somewhat more personal, nobody reacts. But if it’s something fun or just a light topic, everybody reacts. Wow. That shows some progress.
203. I’m still have a long way for being mature person.
204. I’m getting old. hehe
205. Even I got hurt of helping or loving, I didn’t stop doing it. One of my purpose in life I guess. 🙂
206. Everybody got to learn sometime.


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