I listen to.. (disk 7)

1. I believe (when I fall in love, it will be forever) (Stevie Wonder) – When I heard the song in the closing credits of High Fidelity, I can’t believe Stevie Wonder sang it. Damn. However, I love the song. I do believe when I fall in love, it will be forever I guess. hehe

2. Stop the World (Maxwell) – Maxwell indeed is back with this song. Better and bolder. The urban beat savant back better than ever. Go get Blacksummer’s night. hehe I love this song, especially when I play this at night, and with someone of course. hehe
3. Let’s get it on (Jack Black) – Ah yes, Marvin Gaye is the original but when I saw it in High Fidelity, how Jack Black sang it, damn funny and cool. Love it.
4. Toxic girl (Kings of Convenience) – Unfortunately, I missed watching the band playing here. But that’s fine, I like this song, pop done in a good acoustic mood. Damn I do miss watching that band. hehe
5. I’d Rather Dance with You (Kings of Convenience) – Another song from this good duo.. Simply great song, it’s like you can dance without using techy sounds or beats.. Still searching what will be my fave song from this duo but for now, this is it. hehe
6. Suddenly (Olivia Newton-John) – Yes, I do listen to this song. hehe Sweet voice and a sweet song indeed.
7. Angelina (PSY) – Ah when you listen to this song, it brings back those dance numbers, funny joke about it and of course, the contest in Eat Bulaga, you know, dance contest for this song? hehe
8. Alcohol (Radioactive Sago Project) – Eraserheads version vs. this one? I’ll go for this one. Better. Sorry Ely. hehe
9. Sunrise (Norah Jones) – When you wake up in the morning, as the song suggest, it is sunrise.. Love this chick.
10. Iron Man (Black Sabbath) – Yes, I found the song while watching the first Iron Man trailer. I mean the real first Iron Man. Great song, Ozzy? Legendary. hehe The second Iron Man movie, well, not really good. They didn’t even use this song. hehe
11. Before I let you go (Freestyle) – No comment. hehe
12. True (Spandau Ballet) – This original version is still the best. Besides, it is a very lovely song. Very 80’s and a date song? hehe
13. Advice for the young at heart (Tears for fears) – Another nostalgic 80’s song from a very good 80’s band which I don’t know how they will perform today. hehe
14. You in my mind (Swing Out Sister) – Do I need to explain further? hehe


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