Kick Ass

Maybe you’re wondering what the hell happened to me, saying those 2 harsh words. hehe Anyhow, before I watched the trailer online for this movie and I knew from the start that this will definitely kick ass!!!

According to thedownload trailer first, a story about a geek dude who wants to be a superhero in the real life, even with no powers.. hehe Then he became superhero and he has followers and do they job saving the day. There is action, then laughs and damn more actions.. hehe
I want to write the plot or synopsis but this time, I just want to make it simple. Go straight with the review.. hehe Besides, it always make my post for movies long.. And no more spoilers I guess.. Better watch it guys and gals.. Ladies will love Hit Girl. hehe Guys I don’t know, Red Mist? hahaha
I just realized it will make my work easy for the upcoming movie reviews, except if the movie is worth writing that long. However, I thought.. Nah, I just put my review straight up.. So the last review with everything on will be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.. Lucky movie, but that’s fine..
Let’s go back at kick ass!!! Story about a geek who wants to be a real life superhero, then many who followed him, well 3 of them and that’s it. Nah, how they use their superhero antics not only to save lives but also themselves..
The movie is damn great. Actually, it is worth writing with everything on it but I changed my mind, especially what happened today. Getting beat up crap.. hehe
One of the best movies of the year.. It is like Zombieland with a better setup and chemistry, and of course, ultraviolent… hehe Oh yes, don’t bring your kids watching this movie, especially high school girls.. hehe
The story is fantastic, realistic in a sense.. The part where kick ass is putting his costume then doing all his effort just to become a superhero.. That one really kinda touch my heart. hehe Naks.. The Big Daddy and Hit Girl tandem!!! Of course, cool and damn good.. Especially Hit Girl! hehe Red Mist, not that great but interesting as well, even Mark Strong, damn, how he delivered being that hot headed mob boss? Good as well. They all fit together.. Ah yes, include the 2 best friends which are not.. hehe And yup, even the girlfriend of Kick Ass.. Nice ass. hehe
The technical side? Superb.. Action scenes especially the final action scenes were great.. Even how kick ass was ass kicked. hehe Or even that scene where they were tortured, very depressing.. Costumes? Even they looked like funny or like one dude says in the film, green condom.. hehe But nice costumes, especially for Big Daddy.. Editing great and yes, $30 million budget? Wow.. Talking about efficient. hehe I can say it is like Zombieland yet more style, better chemistry and lots of gore. hehe
By the way, yes, Nicholas Cage was good here.. At last!!!
Speaking of acting, well, I thought he was an unknown US actor, but the kick ass dude is British.. Damn, he sounds like an US geek.. hehe I still don’t know if he is famous.. Nicholas Cage, Mark Strong, Mclovin and most especially Hit Girl.. If Battle Royale will have a remake (which is impossible for US), she is my number one in my list. She can slice and dice and done hard boiled stunts (john woo’s great action movie, two guns and chow yun fat) and good actress as well. If you saw 500 days of Summer,even in a small role, she did great. She’s the little sister of Joseph Gordon Lewitt in the film.. Forgot the character’s name. hehe Because of that, their chemistry was great..
The pace, not that fast, just right.. Especially the final scenes which you need to fasten up.. The first parts were just right, slow yet entertaining.
Then, what else? Ah special mention of our butterfly knife. hehe
The movie just kick ass!!!
Sobrang bad trip na ko nun gabi yun, grabe.. Buti na lang, after watching it, ayun, ayos.. At least, di masyado bad trip. hehe
Definitely, if I have time this weekend, I’ll watch it again.. Then siguro Shutter Island or Clash.. Pero yun iba, sa DVD na lang, or as usual download na lang. haha
But this movie worth watching it again in cinema..
Parang Sin City, nun unang pinanood ko, sabi ko mapanood ulit to sa DVD, parang comics talaga ang dating eh. hehe
I’ll definitely wait for this in DVD..
No power comes with no responsibility..


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