Movie Loading

3/10/2009? That was the date when I posted Movie Marathon.. That was a year ago, and whoa, a lot changed when I discovered torrent. I discovered that I can watch movies to my zune rather than using my old DVD portable player which unfortunately, didn’t return by somebody.. You can guess who borrowed it. hehe

Anyway, yes, even DYRL is still not finished for 2 weeks now.. I am still getting some movies I haven’t watch for quite some time.. Hehe The movies I missed and I thought of watching, out of curiosity I guess..
Why I got so addicted watching movies? Some movies even it’s crap, I see it.. Some movies I watch because for dating purposes? hehe Or some movies I watch coz it suits my taste, that will make me think or I felt something about the movie. I felt happy, sad, grossed or even cried.. It depends to the movie itself..
The important about watching movies for me is I’m getting ideas through it. Or most of the time, I’m really surprised about the movie like it happened in my life. Not sci fi movies of course.. Hmmm for example, I just watched High Fidelity and wow, that happened in my life, not exactly but as you see, I had also not top 5, but top 8, 8 ladies. hehe
In movies, it also remove my stress. Like today, I was able to watch 3 movies and my stress of not getting enough sleep went away.. Just like that. hehe
Watching them as well excercises my right to criticize… Yes.. hehe Whether they say it’s good to others, but as long it’s not good to me, sorry, I’ll rant about that movie.
Well, I do think that watching them gives me many ways to view life. Whether it’s a sci fi, or comedy or even documentary, it shows me perpectives of life.. We, humans, indeed are creative beings..
The funny thing is now, I haven’t watched all the movies I got. hehe Damn, maybe if I did not work, I was able to watch them all. However, I will not earn extra money if I just watch movies all day everyday. hehe
Although I’m quite behind for this, little by little, I’m going to watch them all!!! Especially in Sundays, while waiting for customers, I’ll just sit back first and watch..
I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, to my computer!! Without it, well, I will need to go to hidalgo again just to buy those pirated DVD’s.. You can’t even find the titles you want. I’m glad those days were way over!! hehe
All I need is patience.. For downloading movies, patience is a very important virtue..
And oh of course, some disk space in your computer. hehe And a good dsl connection..
And a good flow of electricity..
And a reliable website as well..
And of course, why should I forgot?
My zune.. hehe
Damn, DYRL status of download is now 94.6% almost complete. Come on, please finish it tonight.. I don’t want to wait further. Patience? Yeah after waiting for 2 weeks… I’m running out of patience. hehe
I can say, it will be left behind from the other 6 movies I’m getting. Oh boy!!!
Oh crap…

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