I listen to.. (disk 6)

1. Everybody got to learn sometime (Beck) – from the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind OST whatever. The only song. Actually a very good song kahit ilan lines lang siya. Hay… Lovely. hehe

2. Huwag mo nang itanong sa kin (Eraserheads) – naalala ko, ito lagi kinakanta ko sa Music test namin wayback HS. Madali lang kasi saka maganda naman yun kanta di ba?
3. Feels like Heaven (Fiction Factory) – siguro pag friday, pwede na. hehe Very new wave song, like pag narinig ko to, I still remember 80’s with those haircuts. hehe
4. Turnip Farm (Dinosaur Jr.) – from reality bites OST, grudge whatever song na ngayon ko lang naappreciate. hehe
5. Blue Monday (New Order) – best selling 12 inch single of all time and I know why. However, fun fact, it made sense New Order doesn’t want to show or perform this song live. It sounds rubbish and they don’t look good. According to one of their interviews, I saw it as well, it made the sales of the song down at some point. hehe
6. Too young (Phoenix) – lost in translation OST, good song with a pop beat. Not too short.
7. Soma (The Strokes) – short yet energetic song, bad trip lang, bakit lagi silang maiksi kumanta. hehe
8. Change (in the house of flies) (Deftones) – a rock song na medyo romantic. Ewan ko, basta kakaaddict siyang pakinggan.
9. Lucky (Radiohead) – Pag nasa travel ako at bagot, eto yun kanta gusto sa trip.. Pampaantok pero masaya. hehe Labo noh, but I like the mood of the song.
10. Sanctified (Wolfgang) – one of my favorite pinoy rock songs. Short yet straight to the metal!!! Rock on!!!
yan lang muna.. hehe some were short, some were long.. Songs..


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