gO. Roberta (Black Lagoon)

Eto na, ang totoo guys first, but as the saying goes, let’s the ladies show first their prowess. hehe

Ah, of 2734176-black_lagoon_hiroe_rei_robertacourse, I like anime, and I watched so many of it.. Alam ko medyo behind ako these years kasi yun mga lumalabas eh di ko trip. The last new anime I liked, well last year eh second round of Ippo. Kaso siyempre bitin siya. hehe Behind that anime, of course, characters that left a mark in the series. Ibig sabihin papanoorin ko lang yun series if there is one character or set of characters that show me interest. Pagwala, sorry, not worth watching. May animes din na kahit di malakas ang dating ng characters but have a great story, yun tiyagaan ko na at some of them, keep it. hehe
I want to list a lot pero I think 5 vs. 5 will be enough for me. 5 heroines, and 5 heroes. Di kasama yun live action stuff like Mask Rider Black or Shaider. hehe
I hope you like my choices. Especially to the fans of anime.. Ewan ko lang kay Kuya Allan kung sino choice niya, siya pasimula kasi nito nun bata ako. hehe Hanggang ngayon. hahahaha
Roberta? Speaking of Kuya Allan, eh nirefer niya ako about a series of Black Lagoon. Story of mercenaries, lead by gun totting Revy. Hot chick with two pistols. hehe Pero di siya pinili ko. I can’t tell the whole story of her, kasi sobrang haba, but in the anime series, one or two episodes lang siya. hehe
Why I love her? Damn, looks innocent but deadly. hehe Mild yet hot with guns. You can check that episode na lang. hehe I like how she handled the goons with her umbrella and leather bag. With some grenades of course.
Parang terminator nga siya, lalo na yun nagsimula na siya bumaril. Parang buong armory ata na baril mayroon siya kahit di naman halata. At kahit incidentally panget ang suot niya. hehe But I can hire her as a maid/bodyguard. If she is true lang, naku, di lang siya maid. hahaha Alam na..
Just search na lang sa youtube about her, and check a good pic below. For FB users, I don’t know if it will show up here, but google it ok?

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