I hope we did. hehe Good luck in the risk I took this week, sana umikot. At sana pumasa kaming lahat ng training and to start a normal life. hehe Yes, di ko pa napapanood yun Hurt Locker kahit ilan beses ko nagsulyap, scanning, review, pero watching it, nope. Preoccupied I guess.. Ah yes, I watched the new movies I got before the Hurt Locker. hehe I seem to forget.. Anyway…

What I can say, hmmmm marami na ko napapanood old movies, not so old, and well Ninja Assassin. Sana maganda yun copy. hehe Legion? Forget it..
Wala naman bago today except ayun pa din. hehe Pagod, whatever, happy, sad, I don’t know. I just hope siguro to rest..
Pacman I hope he will win, not easily but just go for the win. I can see na si Clottey medyo bato, pero tignan natin yan sa Linggo. hehe
I believe I can catch up sa mga post ko. Not everybody but definitely more than last month. Especially this coming week, oh boy… Reminiscing. hehe Approaching number 1 and her birthday as well. I am thinking where the hell is she..
With this new schedule of mine, I hope I can do more things or rest as well.. I need to manage this and there, my blog, magic decks, movies and songs collection and programs as well… I haven’t created a backup. hehe I just hope that my computer won’t damn crash..
Twilight fans rejoice because there is a trailer for Eclipse. Do I care? I don’t know. hehe Maybe the chicks will do. They scream not only for Edward but also the macho Jacob. Crap..
For now, that’s all I can say.. For the moment.. I’ll take myself a good sleep because 10 hours later, I’ll go back to work..
One more push, tapos na ang midshift. Sa wakas…
At least, lessens my burden perhaps!!!
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps..
Don’t be surprise at the next post, it’s all about heroines..


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