I will wake up tomorrow in a bright note that is because, I’ll be a normal day.. No more midshift, at least.
Even I still went home around 1 am yesterday, a breath of fresh air came to me. A sigh of relief. A relax desposition. A time to tell myself, it is done. However, I need to pass the test tomorrow. I hope we all damn pass…

Well, I haven’t finished watching the movies I want. And they are kinda piling up. Crap..
I need to relax a bit. I believe that this schedule will work for it. Besides, not only to relax but for other things as well. Lovely things.
Until this moment, I never thought of making it yet, I did. Whew.. Thanks!
Converting yourself for the better is not easy. For instance, me.. Doing two things at the same time was not easy. How about thinking all the things at the same time? Whether it’s bad, worse or good. How about staying away or should I say avoid making the same mistakes? I can say I am still trying to do that. Although it’s slow, but there is progress..
I should be dynamic perhaps?
More dynamic, outgoing, risk taker and whatever makes me change.
Change for the better.
Conversion to greatness.
I just didn’t start right..
Maybe this time, you’re quite confuse for what happened. Sorry, happenings.
Just a little while, I can sense the light shining again…


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