discovery of arts

At last, after those days that I’m hungry of watching movies, I finally watch not all of them, but there’s progress. At least. hehe
Not only movies, but also getting the music I just thought of getting and I listened to it, it was great. Like David Bowie or the soundtrack of Eternal Sunshine perhaps.

Of course, not the art of painting or drawing, I am a poor artist of that. hehe Even my Dad or Brother are good draftsmen or Architect, I was not given of a gift of drawing. Oh how about Kuya Allan who can draw anime all day. They’re lucky.. They have the talent in drawing.
Anyway, I just focus myself watching movies and listening to unknown good music.
For movies, I don’t know how I become addicted watching it, maybe I should blame and movie sites. Hehe What I get watching movies? First, being imaginative. I mean, I wish I could be a director doing movies and create movies that not only to inspire but to show ideas, whether it’s light or dark. It gives you ideas or shows situations that you don’t really experience. Whether it’s a love story, action and even horror. Second, it’s entertaining whether the film is critcially panned or crtically acclaimed. Box office hit or first day last day. hehe Watching it forgets problems, stress and a journey as well in the human emotion.
Movies is not only visual but also an experience of something I did not feel before. There are many examples of that experience I felt in watching them, it will be endless to list them here. hehe
Music? Do I need to explain that again? hehe Just a outlet as well. However, getting all the Smiths albums, Bowie and great soundtracks gave me added appreciation of music which is deep yet clever. I know most of them are rock music, but in a different form. Better listening even at times of lost or boredom. Listening at times of happiness and victory. Listening at times of travelling and tired working. Those music makes me going on and on….
Well, I’ll just reserve the films or music that I loved these days. New or old.
Later, I’ll just watch the best picture in the Oscars, Hurt Locker!!!!
“Oh boy” (After pulling up around 6 mortars around him)
Great movie.


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