travelling through dark lights

As I rode jeep going home just minutes and hours ago, I can’t imagine how I was able to these things.. At the same time.

6 hours later, I will wake up and do the usual store thing. After 2 hours, try to get some rest and go to the other side of me, as a hard working employee. I guess..
Around 9 hours later, I’ll wait for a jeepney in Makati, then go down at LRT Buendia station, waiting for a jeep going to Quiapo then, the last ride, going to Quezon Ave. If my schedule ends early than 12:30am, better! I can go home easily…
Then the cycle repeats until Saturday morning..
As I travel along the way every night, which I can say it’s very dark, well, I’m happy. Happy because the day finished good. Not great yet enough for me to feel, ah it’s done, at last… Even I’m not lucky in my business or team Romy always losses, the fulfillment of finishing all the task for today relieves me.
Besides, I’m having fun returning to work and at the same time, doing business.
However, there will be a time, I need to focus to just one…
It’s kinda scary travelling at night, I know anything can happen at night. Good thing, he’s up there anytime.. Good Lord..
Those dim lights at some parts in Taft ave.
How about the dark streets of Quiapo, damn scary.
The checkpoints which I don’t think important, but I forgot, yes, election time. We need those cops checking empty cars or jeeps that might relate to election violence… I guess…
Crap… They just earn big because it’s nightshift and do nothing…
Every commuter going home looks tired. Well, who can’t be tired going home at around 1am.. Even me..
All of us can be tired going home at that time..
After the last jeep, unfortunately there are fags waiting at the side of the damn street. Good thing, they don’t call names now, unlike those days. They got bigger as well. That’s scary..
When I looked back those days that I am in that situation, going home late or even going to work late, I feel lucky.. Lucky that in the passage of time, I don’t need to be vampire just to work hard.
If I pass after these 2 weeks, I’ll be working normal. At last.. That is what keeps me going.. I hope as well, we all pass!!! I’m talking about my batch as well.
Let me say, it’s been fun going into training then working with new team mates, and the competition, well, I don’t know why they give so much effort!!! It’s just a game, but it’s fun..
I just get into that fun ride. Besides, as the days go by, it helps knowing each other better. What if we may end up in the same team in operations? That will be easier..
As those dark lights passes by, I really never mind it..
At first, but as the days goes by, it kinda become a sense to me that these lights show me the past.
Those past events, involving happiness..
I know it’s a weird comparison, yet well that’s how I feel..
That’s one of the reasons I love black. The dark vibe around me. Not morbid, just plain curious thought. Some of us thought black is really bad. However, for me, black is a good symbol of me. Simple yet if you stare at it for a long time, it’s sophisticated..
No bad feelings or mood..
Maybe I thought, instead of working so hard at night, it’s time to switch into having some fun at night..
Or my favorite past time, rest..
At the end…
I am going to miss this and look to a brighter side..
I shall be travelling through bright lights..


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