realizations (part 11)

171. I am getting thinner these past days. Ah sorry, weeks. hehe
172. Baka magbago isip ko about my fave Adam Sandler film. hehe I got 50 first dates.

173. After a year of not taking calls, lumabas ang pagka newbie ko. hehe Pero slowly but surely, will get there, the agent mode. Lalo na, normal na buhay naman ito.
174. I really missed posting here.
175. Akalain mo eleven na, and sometimes, I thought I’m running out realizations, but as the day goes by. Dumadami, kaso nakakalimutan ko na isulat. hehe
176. March na pala at yes, malapit na ang….. Dayshift. At last. hehe
177. Other than that, nothing else. hahaha
178. It’s hard to do 2 things at the same time!
179. I should really give time for myself. Not pushing myself very much at this point.
180. But well, I have many things to finish. hehe However, I know, matatapos din to. I need to choose…
181. I need to decide and I need to set things straight this time.
182. Which part of me will first give up? Is it the owner half or the worker half..
183. Para makalakad na, dapat makahanap na. hehe
184. Letcheng araw na yun, sweldo nga, malas naman. hahaha. Hay buhay!!
185. It’s better for me, and I know… To be alone….


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