3. the Girl from the Red Planet

As I look at her everytime, that lovely face really can’t just remove from my head.

Time really flies past, and that face never change.
Like Helen, a face that can launch a thousand ships.
First look, well at that time, I know she is beaufiful but kinda quiet and conceited. At first? I never thought of knowing her. Ever.
Well, thanks for her birthday, I was able to greet her and that’s the start of a friendship…
We had so many fun times, from booze sessions, to playing billiards and travelling all over manila. Meeting her friends, meeting families as well and getting through college ending in a good note.
We do have many similarities. From watching anime, playing billiards, (which I learned from her, I don’t really play billiards in HS), getting lazy at times. hehe Most especially, even we don’t smile, when we’re together, it seems it just full of happiness and fun!
Ah, yeah we do had some conflicts but not that really serious.. Just petty conflicts. hehe Yes, I did fall out at their house due to damn liquor. hehe I am so ashamed…
After college, yet she became successful at sorts. Getting an higher decree, being assigned to a good position and having a nice car. hehe
Being with her everytime seems no pressure, and add to the fun we are getting, it’s a different feeling as well.. Let’s say the boundary between love and friendship. I don’t know if that exist. hehe
I tried, but I failed. Ouch… hehe But, that’s fine, I just want to say that I’m glad to know her, and being friends with her for a very long time.
I want to thank her for the moments we enjoyed.. The times we shared our bad days. hehe Being bossy and brave to face those adversities.
I was inspired as well like we do have same problems we faced in HS then changed in college. For the better.
Am I hoping again for her? I don’t have an answer for that today. hehe But I don’t need to answer that, because I already told her about it..
Important is, I’m just here and here, always.
I know she is not that sweet, but she doesn’t need to.. All I can say is, once I see her, it makes my day damn right. hehe
I just hope for her the best to her life especially to her career, improve more and well, less drinking dude. hehe
Damn these days, she is better drinker than me. hehe
Damn… One time, I can’t speak when she talks, just a simple sigh. Hay….
Ah yeah, she did not come from Mars.


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