realizations (part 10)

151. I did have a great start this year!
152. The my fave Adam Sandler film is not 50 first dates or even click. hehe The Wedding Singer.
153. that my fave tagalog movie, well matagal ko na alam, batch 81!!!
154. sometimes, I need to slow down naman. Ika nga ni Counselor, I’m kinda impulsive. hehe
155. letting your mind free, many good ideas, or goals are better than you thought. Gulo no? hehe
156. I’m inclined to watch movies. Sayang kasi yun dinownload ko. Di ko pa sila napapanood. hehe
157. As of now, mukhang ok naman ang buhay. Medyo nasusunod ang plan. hehe
158. After the great start, ayun, medyo nadapa. hehe
159. I really need to upgrade my desktop..
160. siyempre nerbiyoso ako, natanto ko din na masyado ako worry. hehe
161. Leave the worriness to him.. 🙂
162. it’s time to hunt na!!! let’s dig. hehe
163. nahanap ko yun gusto gawin to solve these problems and may plan na din. Sugod kasi ng sugod…
164. not too late to recover, and to improve. 🙂
165. namiss ko na ang console games. Mura nga ps3, mahal naman yun TV!!!! HDTV!! hehe
166. namiss ko din ang NBA live, pero matry nga ang NBA 2k10. hehe
167. it’s really hard to please anybody, unless you are shot in the foot.
168. I should travel at least once this year.
169. nice number. hehe
170. I’m naughty but nice. 🙂


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