Suntory Time

As you see, for the last 3 posts, I always mention Lost in Translation, which is a movie. When I watched the Oscars some year ago, I believe 2004 as states, I was shocked that Bill Murray nominated for Best Actor. I am not against him, but for a great comedian like him getting nominated for Best Actor, is a great feat. I remembered the title of the film and as years go by, and a start of 2010, I watched at last, a fantastic film…

The gist: Washed up actor Bob Harris went to Japan for a commercial shoot for a whisky which is stated above. He is paid $2 million dollars for that part by the way, and while staying in Japan, he had some problems. Literally, language barrier, hmmmm mostly the language barrier and yes, since he went to Japan only missing his son’s birthday and getting over his nagging wife, he felt bored. He actually wants to go home after the photo shoot. hehe However, he can’t, spends some time in the bar and while spending some time, a girl came into the scene. Charlotte is a wife of a photographer. Young couple for 2 years, went to Japan because of her husband photo work as well, but with a band. She is in a pro-bono basis, meaning bum. hehe Damn good looking and innocent and well, she is kinda bored as well staying in Japan because when she wakes up, her husband leaves for work. At night, well, John snoores a lot. hehe Damn John, he is just so workaholic.
So, she also spends sometime, kill some time at the hotel’s bar, and met Bob. No greetings, yet at the first meet, it’s like casual conversation then as days go by, and spending more time at the bar, they kinda like each others company. Going to a bar, restaurant, hospital, karaoke bar and even a strip club. hehe Along their misadventures, they develop a certain bond, or a relationship that they seem to be comfortable. The boundary between friendship and romantic relationship. Anyway, as Bob leaves Japan, he said something to Charlotte and she became somewhat very happy. Oh yes, there is a goodbye kiss. hehe They seem to be happy yet sad as well because they will be apart. Then the song Just Like Honey kicks in. hehe
The Boos: The character of Giovanni Ribisi, John, damn if I have a great and hot wife under Charlotte, I won’t treat her like that. Hehe I mean nothing against Ribisi, but only the character he portrayed. The screenplay maybe made John like that. hehe Nothing much dialogue in this one, not that a big flaw, but it will be better if Sofia added more dialogue. It’s a short film, I hope Sofia was able to add more scenes, like between Bob and Charlotte. However, it’s not also bothers the whole film, just a feedback. Anna Faris, well, just 2 scenes for her. hehe
The Goods: The 2 main characters. Bob is really for Bill Murray. Period. hehe I agree with Sofia that if Bill Murray did not do this role, then I don’t think anybody can do it unless it’s Bill. Scarlett Johansson I thought before watching this film, doesn’t have any other roles than being so sexy and acting doesn’t really step up. That changed when I finished watching it. hehe She is damn beautiful in this film not only because she wears panties almost all her scenes, hehe. But the role is fit for her. Innocent, confused, simply nice lady, I thought she is kinda pregnant because of her tummy but well, overall, she is great. Maybe she did not go to the gym at that time. hehe I like the scenes of them together, especially the scene where they just laying at the bed, talking about life and the last scene, very sweet. Simply sweet. If I’m Bob, I’ll do that as well.hehe Unfortunately, Bill did not go home an Oscar for this magnificent performance.
The comedy as well, the japanese actors, done their part, especially for the lady who went to Bob’s room just rip her stocking. Hahaha very funny.. Charlie Brown as well very good. hehe The japanese friend dude. Even the commercial shoot with the director, that was cleverly funny.
The setting, Tokyo, Japan, perfect for the plot of the movie. Another reason why I should work hard just to go to Japan. hehe And I need to learn Japanese. I’m tired watching channel 13 for a tour in Japan. hehe
The screenplay!!!! That’s why it won an Oscar. The plot is not complicated, however, the complication only came at the feelings of the 2 characters. I mean at the end, they knew that love is growing between them, it’s just it will stop because of their lives. It’s an open ending. hehe However, as the story goes, the development of such feeling is the interesting part. Going to such places, talking about each other lives and how to deal with it and other things. The pace of the film as well is really great, slow yet it never leaves you behind because of the actors and fun story. The friendship of the two people also show interest. I mean at first, you will drawn on how they become friends due to their boring lives. hehe Simply love the story.
The music, a great film should also have a great soundtrack. Of course, Air done a good job but what I like is the song Just like Honey from Jesus and Mary Chain. It sets the mood for the film, especially the last scene. A perfect song. Like A shape in my heart in Leon the professional. hehe The songs used here, great, even the karaoke scene as well. Oh I love how Charlotte sang there. hehe Love the wig.
The verdict: I haven’t watch love/romantic films for a long time, well I did watch the Notebook but it’s sad. Somewhere in time, also sad. hehe But this one, even it doesn’t have a really good ending, after watching it, I am not only laughing hard, but it did put a smile in my face. Very fun movie, serious fun, happy movie. Definitely a keep. One of my favorite movies of all time. That’s how good it is, for me.
Just like Honey.


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