I listen to.. (disk 4)

After falling in love, actually I am literally “Lost in Translation”, love that movie. Bill Murray at it’s best, and Scarlett Johansson is also at it’s best. hehe Except for Anna Faris and Giovanni Ribisi, forget them, but I won’t really forget this movie. Damn great, another reason why I should go to japan. hehe
I was carried away but one thing is good at the film as well, is the soundtrack. Speaking of soundtrack, let’s add some songs here. hehe
1. Just Like Honey (Jesus and Mary chain) – Yes, Sofia always use Air for her films, at least for two films, but this song really fits to it. Damn. hehe It used in the movie and the trailer, simply great, describes the vibe of the movie especially at the last scene. Nothing else to say, I’m lost. 🙂
2. Build (the housemartins) – One of a new wave classic coming from not a one hit wonder band.
3. When you come back to me (World Party) – From Reality Bites soundtrack which I always forget to download. hehe I don’t need to explain why it is one of my favorite songs..
4. Us (Sugar Hiccup) – I thought Five Years is good, but this one is better.
5. Won’t get fooled again (The Who) – I discovered this from CSI: Miami and well, damn good rock song.. Yeah!!
6. Maybe (Up Dharma Down) – Short yet strong song from them. I love the music video as well.
7. All these things that I’ve done (The Killers) – Yeah, since they are coming here at Jan. 31 and I don’t have a ticket (poor me..), I can say this is my fave song from them. Great fit for the Nike commercial. hehe
8. Ain’t over till it’s over (Lenny Kravitz) – Fave song from him. Others thought it was a girl who sang it. hehe
9. Come away with me (Norah Jones) – Fave song from Norah and one of my fave love songs. I love it so much that well, I offered this to somebody.
10. Rapture (Blondie) – I was surprised when I discovered this song in MTV, damn chick rapping good. hehe This is so old school rap pioneer.
11. Izzo (Jay Z) – Yes, I listen to rap/hip hop music and yes, one of the reason is this damn n*gga. hehe
12. With or without you (U2) I always sing this song in karaoke nights. Simply lovely song.
Till Next CD.


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