old year passed by

As I read almost all the blogs here, they like looking back at the year well 09. Me? Nah. Done is done and time to recover at do the things I want to do and I can do.
Ayoko na isulat ulit yun mga naisulat na.hehehe
This year, may mga bagay na kala ko di gagawin eh mukhang kailangan ko na gawin. Abangan kung ano mga yun. hehe
Basta important is leave everything what happened last year, do great things this year and move on. Even para may sipon ata ko. What a way to start this year! hehe
I just hope and pray na sana ok lahat ng tao. Family, Friends, and all the people on earth, have found what will make each one of us happy. Despite struggles, or problems, or sickness, never lose hope and continue enjoying life.
Sana matupad ang mga resolutions ha. Me? I don’t make one, kasi di natutupad eh. hehe Pero I make plans kasi, or goals at least for this coming year. Sana maachieve ko, small goals lang naman. Step by step.
Well, medyo relax naman ang mind ko at the start of the year, but ayun medyo mahina shop today kasi wala naman tao, sana by monday lumakas na ang shop!!!! But I mean everyday I have this big stress in mind, before. Thinking of those things left and right, whether its good or bad. More of them are bad. Hehe However, I was able at least some of them, I don’t think it anymore, I just think what I can do better. For myself and second for others.
I hope for the very best of us and next year, when I write this again, same day, same time, less worries, more fun in life.
Let’s start that on Monday.
A breath of rejuvenation from me.
It’s like after college graduation. Back to start.
2010 will be facing two people!!! Me and the other me…


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