4. Bloody Mary

Yes, it is a name for a drink yet I don’t really drink that one. hehe
I used to remember, way before the new SM Annex stands now, lies a SM annex with A&W restaurant and worlds of fun at the 3rd floor. Across to it, it has a billiard place and met one of the girls that changed my life. This was the time that I was really shy, it was after HS graduation and before college days start.

I can’t believe that as time goes by, we are already friends for a decade. Many things happened not between us, because for your information, we were never had a romantic relationship. Close but well, not quite. hehehe Close friends I can proudly say. Many things happened in each of our lives. From entering college, to work, and most of all, the favorite subject is about love.
Sorry, I can’t really tell about what we have done to help each other about that subject because some of them, unbelievable, and some of them, are really secret.
She is a very sweet lady, second best. hehe Hmmmmm Looks? Yes, reaches my standard.. Especially without glasses. hehe Oh yeah!!!
Thoughtful as well. Well, she always say, that I am more thoughtful than her. Bwahaha
But what stands out from her is the sweetness she brings in the conversation. The smile and of course the kikay mind, it makes the talk bubbly. Except if the topic is like a problem, oh boy, it’s like therapy session. hehe
It is fun and I’m lucky to know her and knowing her for a long time until she settled down. I am glad that she found the happiness and the guy who I believe will definitely won’t give her tears. No more worries from her and that comforts me now.
I just wish her the very best and God bless always.
Significantly, Mary.
I am indeed happy for her, especially when I saw her glowing while walking down the aisle.. Hmmmm way different..
Such a sweet Mary.
Why bloody Mary? Hmmmm is the drink sweet? hehe


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