a Christmas rush

I haven’t get any sleep or rest for a while, but after what happened these holidays, especially Christmas, it was a very good time.
Before Christmas, I already know what will I do, it’s like a kid who saw a great toy. The thing that I should do. Well, things I should do. Thanks to some people who gave me some enlightenment and most especially, God.

Truth as well..
Before Christmas, well, very busy, from running to shop to shop and I tried to get a rest but oh well, so many customers. Hehe
Then, yeah, as I visited Dad and Algerro. I also what, eat and ate. hehe Damn it’s Christmas and I changed my appetite, missed a lot of good food and oh well. hehe
Before Christmas as well, I’ve done which I never did like years already, going mass before Christmas. Before, I am with Dad or some years, Mom, but as time goes by, I am with myself. Watching the play of the nativity and of course, the mass proper. Standing for one and a half hours of pure hope, faith and love from him.
Christmas came, oh well, I should be with the other side of the trip. hehe But that’s fine, went to Moonwalk, and it changed a lot. Met some uncles and aunties, and Ni�a Jose table calendar. Nice chick. hehehe Went home, sleep and next day? Work. Kinda went to the malls and want to watch Avatar. Unfortunately, since it’s MMFF, Avatar is only at Imax.
Forget it. Just played my timezone card. hehe
After a hard day’s work. That’s it.
A very boring yet fulfilling Chirstmas. Boring because nothing much happened, except for the eve of Christmas which all the siblings are here, giving money and singing their hearts out. hehe Yeah, I am not that type of guy. That’s why I said boring. hehe
Fulfilling because the support I got from my family, is up a notch. Never been this before. Do what will make you better. As long you’re ok with it. They are there to understand. It’s once in a blue moon. hehe But I’ll take it and that is one of the best gifts I got in Christmas, support and well, a family.
Not material, not in new paper bill, but something you keep not only for the whole new year but for a lifetime. Oh yes, better than the toy gun I got decades ago. hehe
Kinda late but like she said, Happy Christmas!!!!!


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