What a day, I thought it won’t end good. Hehe Even palapit na ang xmas eh I feel just tired or whatever. hehe Or even worry. Time is indeed fast. A bliss passed by my face, already 9 months? Well, what can I say… Did I reach something at this time. Most importantly, masaya ba ako?

We’ll find that out when the real Christmas come. Oh boy. hehe
I haven’t really relaxed yet, punta dito, bantay doon. Mga ganoon baga. Kahirap naman. Pero ganun talaga ang buhay. Mga akala, may tama, kaso maraming mali. hehe
I can’t blame anybody but me. However, I hope there is a second chance. A real second chance. I have chances before but this one I’m asking is a different one. It’s like rejuvenate my life in an awkward way. Learned lessons, discovered truths, finding happiness, those sorts of life things. Which you never learn in school. You learn it, by experience. I hate that subject. hehe It’s because you fail first before you pass.
Indeed, another one you need in life, is to be free. Inhibitions, fear, failures, coercion, worries, depressions. Gloomy words isn’t it? But as time goes by, I felt that way. Nothing seems going right for me.
Pero, yeah, kalimutan na yun, move on and start great I guess. I hope, it will be right this time…
Coming back isn’t the only option right? hehe


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