Kris Kringle

Ah yes, one part of spending the holidays! Exchanging gifts. hehe Well, after college, di naman ako masyado nagsasali sa ganyan, except nun Dell days. But the years na talagang masaya ang gift giving eh nun college. Ah siyempre masaya yun section saka, ehem. hehe Oh well, those days of gift giving, not that memorable but masaya lang. Lalo na yun suspense, give something sweet, or next week something whatever.

More than gifts, is the act of giving that counts. I don’t if I can give something for this year, pero siguro nabigay ko na even bago dumating ang holidays. hehe Sa mga taong mahal ko, or natulungan ko kahit kaunti, yun na lang ang pang Christmas ko sa kanila. Sorry, broke pa ko. hehe
Maybe this season, I thought of giving something for myself. The best gift for myself for this year? Hmmmmmm Think what’s good for me. Tumatanda na ko, and I just want to enjoy life in what’s should be. I mean kala ko being responsible should be caring all of them, like giving yourself to them with no questions ask. But, naisip ko, siguro before helping or being responsible for those persons, siguro, I should help myself first. Damn, those long years. hehe Wasted I can see, but that’s fine. I learned anyway. Learning for me is easy for those technical things, but for life learning, is kinda hard to learn. Wala kasing homework eh, puro quiz agad. Hehe Masama pa, laging bagsak at make up lagi. hehe
Give something for me… What should be.. Well, I have 7 days to think for it. In exchange? Wala noh. hehe Unconditional giving.
Ah about Kris Kringle, yun name ko is laging blackswordsmann or berserk. What a xmas name. hehe I suck at kris kringles.
Mahirap eh, baka ayaw naman ng pagbibigyan mo..


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