Winter’s gone

Kanta yan from Daydream Cycle. Hehe Sana nga may winter dito, pero we are a tropical country so malabo yun. Umulan ng yelo pwede. Well, wag na mag winter dito, mahirap yun, kung baha nga wala na silbi gobyerno natin, paano pa kaya pag may snow. hehe Mahirap din. Hirap na ko matulog sa gabi sa sobrang lamig ng hangin. Di ko na nga ginagamit yun electric fan.

Right now, I am getting some pain sa head, not painful, parang kirot pero I am ok. Not that serious or kailangan emergency.
Ah, hmmmm wala naman bago these days, ah yes, Gerro is texting. At least I can speak or communicate to him. She is texting as well. I hope Joanne’s sister is fine, it will be a long recovery but I just hope Celine is doing progress.
Sa wakas, medyo naayos na yun posting ko ng blog, paglagay sa multiply, dapat lagay na sa lahat. hehe
If you’re going to ask me paano ang holidays before, siyempre masaya. hehe I just don’t know this year, pero alam ko naman ang wish ko this christmas. The answer to my question. That’s all. If I got that answer, I’m done. I’m happy and start all over again.
Waaah, di ko na namatch yun post ko last year, pero ok lang..
I’ll see if I can post more next year, pero yun nga, I’m thinking of something new at my blog. hehe
Buy a domain I guess, pero madali na lang yun, isang tawag lang kay JP CEO. hehe Website? Nah, saka na.
What else… Salamat naman panalo ang Alaska. Wala ata tatalo sa Alaska. hehe Salamat talo ang ginebra!!! Bwahaha
What if there is a winter season here?
Well, I’ll just stay in my room and watch some movies. hehe Nothing special nor great.
How boring it will be. But good thing well, I can rest. hehe
Rest is easy to spell but hard to dwell.
About the song, matagal na yan, but it’s a good song. Nice vocals and tune as well. I don’t know if they have a second album. hehe


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