Shaun living in Zombieland

Tallahassee: [Upon finding a Hummer filled with rifles] Thank God for rednecks!

I love that line from Zombieland. Oh well. hehe Time to kill more zombies!!! Anyway, I watched Zombieland after I got the Hangover and I know I had a long night but it was a great time watching movies. At this time of being sad and empty, you need to be fun download (11)at least for sometime. And these are those times. And watching Zombieland is one of those times.
Thanks to trailers again, I kinda drawn to this film, I knew from the get go, that this is indeed the answer to Shaun of the Dead, the US version, obviously. Obviously, it’s more different.
Well, no lines from Shaun movie because it’s every line has a swearing word. Sorry. hehe
But Shaun of the Dead is a good one, after I watched it before in a pirated VCD, wayback years ago, I didn’t understand the english, well because it’s from the UK. After HSBC days, like other english films I watched, I did understand now. And yes, I really understand now. hehe
Both are comedy horror films.
download (10)
Both are magnificent funny.
Both are well, since it’s zombie films, expect eating stuff.
Both are about surviving Z-day, or judgement day of a plague that changes people into zombies.
Well, for Zombieland, the 4 main characters are not even related. They even hate each other in the first but oh well, they love each other in the end. hehe
For Shaun of the Dead, 5 dudes as well, but some what related because they’re friends. If you call that related. hehe In the end, they become 3, 2 are human, 1 is a zombie. But I love the ending as well, very heart warming. hehe
Both have great plots, I mean in Zombieland, there are some great chemistry for the 4 cities. Oh yes, they are named Tallahassee, Little Rock, Wichita, Columbus. Nice forgettable names. hehe Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, is damn good at this movie. He’s a mad man for short. hehe In killing zombies. But I like Jesse Eisenberg, Columbus, typical nerd dude who brought his A game for being like close to the other 3 characters. hehe
Abigail Breslin, typical kid, but good acting as well, as Little Rock. And of course, the big chick, Wichita, Emma Stone, I am start googling for her. hehehe
So, typical zday and first the nerd meet the mad man, as the story progress, they were cheated by the Con sisters then, they split at Bill Murray’s home. Bill Murray show up but accidentally killed (yes, it is). Then they split, the sisters went to a themepark as a childhood dream and thought no zombies, but the dudes, planning to go to Mexico, escaping and get some twinkies. But changed their minds, went back to the theme park, save the chicks and yes, they rode that nice SUV. Simple plot yet on the course of the story…
Tallahassee is damn good, he’s crazy, funny especially the part when he talks about his son who was killed by zombies. And of course, seeing his idol Bill Murray. hehe Bill Murray shouldn’t be killed in the story. Damn. Very short part. Oh well. hehe That’s a let down. I love the part as well when they are surviving in the theme park which each character has own way killing the Z’s. Woody should be in the US version of Hard boiled. hehe
The dialogue is perfect. From start to finish, even for foul mouthed Woody, damn great. Especially in the novelty store scene. Like that. And for all the characters, especially the sisters, great con women. hehe
The music!! In the trailer, damn that song from Van halen, perfect for the movie. Even that’s the only song, but it’s good. And the frights as well, the rules of the nerd, especially the first scenes, that was wild. Ah yes, Woody’s addiction to the twinkies. Well, that’s sugar for you. Gives you a different high!
Shaun of the Dead, as a homage to Dawn of the Dead, well, simply great as well. I like the scenes which shows Shaun’s normal day until it switches to zombie days. That’s cool. And the dialogue as well, like the buddy ones between Shaun and Ed. They wasted Blue Monday original vinyl copy! hehe Then Liz and her bothersome flat mates. hehe Liz and Shaun as well, sweet and sour. The curses. hehe Oh how to forget Shaun’s parents. Mum and Stepdad. I was surprised that his Stepdad is from underworld. Bloody Hell, he’s british. hehe
Well, Shaun and Liz has having a difficult time saving their relationship because of the vicious cycle of their lives. Especially in Shaun’s part. Living with Ed, working at a boring electronics store and spending time with Liz and her flatmates in Windchester. Always.
Then one day, everybody is getting sick. Suddenly, it’s zombie day. hehe Unfortunately, it was not easy for them. One by one are becoming a zombie or eaten by them. When they take refuge at the windchester, as they hope a good place to hide like in the theme park in zombieland, it got worse. Luckily, Shaun and Liz survived, happily together with Zombified Ed. Haha I like the ending, when the Queen song kicked in while Shaun and Ed playing some video game.
Music, as always in the UK pop film, you expect great soundstrack. hehe Effects, plot, great. Editing is great as well, like the plans for their escape. hehe
Well, both films are fun to watch. Zombieland is more fun from start to finish, less heart warming moments. Shaun of the Dead is balanced, some moments very funny, some moments very emotional especially when Shaun’s parents are becoming zombies. And other moments as well, very human and sad.
Both films really worth to watch it all over again. No sequel for Shaun of the Dead, but I’ll get Hot Fuzz. hehe Damn Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, they are good, however, they can do serious stuff. If they will do one.
For Zombieland, definitely, there should be a sequel, please don’t kill stars like Bill Murray. hehe
Both of them have one common letdown, it’s short. However, it did work in the movie, but damn, it should be like 10-15 minutes longer. Not more zombie killing. Like in Zombieland, they killed Bill Murray right away!!! hehe In Shaun of the Dead, more of the normal days part or the journey to windchester. hehe However, those are minor flaws. I still liked the films.
I definitely recommend these flicks. A date movie, yeah. A buddy movie, definitely! Both of them, cult classics.
Oh, of course, there is a winner. Zombieland, the only ace they got over Shaun of the Dead, is the character of Woody Harrelson. Damn, one mean killing zombie foul mouthed machine. Hehehe
Everybody wants some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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