Ian Curtis and Tony Wilson (24 Hour Party People)

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the latest craze sweeping the Pennines, and I’ve got to be honest, I’d rather be sweeping the Pennines right now. “
Tony Wilson first lines in the movie. Well, before he launches himself in hand-gliding. Fantastic and clever.

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I did watch this movie way years before, maybe in HSBC days in URCI. That was so late night and I watched it with Kuya Dong, of course, we’re fans of New Order. hehe After that night, I wish I could watch it again. And again, again.
Thanks to the torrent age, I got this movie, same as the one I watched in DVD (he still have that DVD) hehe
Same cut, same feeling, same music. Bloody music!!
Well, the story of the film is about, this broadcaster, Tony Wilson is kinda bored of his usual job. As he says to Yvette, his girlfriend, this is only his hobby, working at granada TV. But his real love is rock and roll. Music and the fantastic bands he saw at his era, in his grumbling city. Manchester.
Oh, I remember, there is still Greater Manchester so that’s two different cities in the UK.
However, let’s go back. As the story goes, of course, Tony went to a Sex Pistols concert, with only 40 people in the venue, he was awaken, sort of bringing these bands in telly. TV for short. hehe
As he produced a TV show for these rock acts, he got bored and set up a rock venue, and of course, Factory Records. He got some weird partners to set up Factory Records, sign some good and bad rock bands and well, it was a long journey ended in a halt.
First successful band he signed is Joy Division, which was led by Ian Curtis. By the way, Factory Records doesn’t own the band for the rights or whatever, but they split the earnings if there is. hehe The bands has the freedom to f*ck of!! Nice.
Well, JD was managed by great Rob Gretton and what I like in this version, is Barney looks like Barney, Bernard Sumner. The first time I watched this film, I thought Barney is the one really in the film, but oh well, I was tricked. hehe
Others, like Hookie is kinda quiet in this film, well for Stephen is still the same. hehe Rob is quiet but aggressive. Well, I like the Rob more in Control because it shows how he become a manager of JD and he is more likeable and mouthful I can say.hehe
So, as after the untimely death of Ian, and JD almost disbanded, the story shifts to another chapter. As the company grows even in a loss, yet successful in terms of the bands they produce and the music, they moved on and built the infamous club Hacienda.
Ah yes, Martin Hannett? I really like more here than in Control. More realistic and good acting as well. Especially in the part that he is managing Happy Mondays. I was laughing hard at that part. hehe I was surprised that he is gollum in the Lord of the Rings. I mean the voice. hehe However, I don’t care because I did not watch any LOTR films until now.
Speaking of Happy Mondays, well that was the second band Factory got. Ah, yes, sorry, we forgot the cash cow, New Order. hehe
Unfortunately, New Order alone can’t save the expenses of the superclub Hacienda, the mismanaging of partners of Factory, and the biggest problem is Happy Mondays.
Come on, those w**kers didn’t care how much Factory spend on them and they only do is drugs, use drugs, or even like what the song they wrote, 24 hour party people.
They even kidnapped the tapes for their album and then when Factory got it, no lyrics!! bunch of wackos. hehe
Well, I sort of shortcut the synopsis of the movie. The movie is quite long, especially the Happy Mondays part.
However, what I like in this film is the cleverness and fun factor of it. Sort of comedy as well, especially the rehearsals, the tours, damn, so realistic and interesting.
Ah of course, I love Tony Wilson here, Steve Coogan did a great job and it helped his career to do US films. hehe The script here is definitely bloody great and fantastic..
I love the settings as well, they were able to turn back time and setting the viewer on that scene, on what really happen.
I also love the final scene, which Tony saw God. Hehe
I know that all of them are crazy but good thing for them, they created music that is not in the norm. Different from usual at that time. Rock and punk music at it’s finest. I watched the documentary at the BBC, thanks to youtube, the music in the UK at those times, damn, more than crap!!! It’s like boybands in the 80’s. hehe
A great british film, one of the best. That also says in Control.
For me, 24 hour party people has a slight advantage over Control because of the light aspect of the film. The light plot. The comedy, the antics, I am more into 24. Control is really good despite those flaws, but it’s just I have a serious problems and when I watched that film, it’s just hurts my heart. hehe I’ll go with a lighter film.
I still like both films, I don’t care watching it over and over again even I copy their accents. Hehe
It’s just phenomenal and bloody good.
Bloody Hell indeed.
It’s my belief that history is a wheel.
“Inconsistency is my very essence” -says the wheel- “Rise up on my spokes if you like, but don’t complain when you are cast back down into the depths. Good times pass away, but then so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy, but it is also our hope. The worst of times, like the best, are always passing away”.


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