Ok, the date movie I found, is unfortunately this. But before that, how I found this? This is the link.

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Parang nakita ko siya at the last days staying in Dell. hehe Naisip ko, well, US have strong censors, Japan, do they have censors? hehe Lastly, UK, not only banning the film but also in DVD release as well? Wow, kinda marketing campaign especially with a tagline that says saw and hostel were just appetisers, edi, mas matindi to?!
Well, nadownload na matagal na, convert it sa zune then, an hour later, ayun, kakapanood ko lang kanina. Good grief…
Let’s go to japanese horror stuff, or cinema horror stuff history.
Well, kahit bata ko, I watched horror films, poltergeist! Naku, naman. Wag yun. hehe Or the exorcist, jaws and old school favorites.
As we get old, and became a fan of watching movies, of course, di mawawala yun pagiging fan ng other movie genre’s. Then I discovered, japanese horror. It was referred by Kuya Allan’s friend, to watch some of it, Axel, nasan na kaya siya? hehe
Anyway, not the Ring, but the first Japanese horror I watched, well, Ichi the killer. Then Visitor Q, then Audition. Takashi Miike films. Then, battle royale, which I think not a horror film, but parang lang. hehe
Then siyempre US horror films, hmmm Saw II, Hostel, and friday the 13th, tapos others to mention, crap naman kasi. hehe Then sa UK, wicker man, and shaun of the dead, kaso comedy naman pero wicker man, grabe galing! Clockwork pala, of course..
Pero may iba pa, na di ko napapanood, like Salo as Ivan suggest, always. hehe Hmmmm Videodrome na nabitin naman ako kasi sa youtube lang, pero madownload na din at marami pa. Naku, gamit na gamit yun DSL. hehe
Anyway, still Japanese horror films are just over the top. I mean remove the spiritual or tradition concept like sa the ring or ju-on. I mean real horror, mukhang advance sila, and mind you, in a low budget film.
And Grotesque, is one of them.
I can’t believe I finished the film. hehe Why? Well, story is, I don’t kung story talaga, simple. A couple just finished their simple first date, then walked to a tunnel, then they were smashed by a hammer by some dude.
Tapos pag gising nila, ayun nasa basement at well, ano sa tingin mo, magtitinginan na lang silang tatlo? Of course, the weird dude, tortured them. Great.
Ah yes, I got the film, in swedish subs, so I am sorry, I didn’t understand any single dialogue (kaya dapat magaral na ko ng japanese) hehe. But what the hell you need those subs anyway when you know the couple will be killed. hehe
Well, di ko madiscribe how every torture is done to them. I mean, ewwwww. hehe I was screaming, niyak, wag!!!! Kaso wala na ang daliri, kamay, mata. Hay, it’s never ending mayhem.
And well, like the BBFC says, no development in the story, characters, and some scenes that I think really decided to banned this film. Well, mukhang tama nga sila. hehe
Well, because of that, many were interested.
Including me, then ayun biglang may scene na nasa hospital sila, nagpapagaling, may dialogue tapos the last scenes, ayun na naman. Waaah!!!! The last scenes, I don’t think you can’t put that on Saw or Hostel. Kasi dapat patay na sila di ba? Or kung talagang kaya pa, ewan, mamatay pa din sila. hehe
Kakatawa din yun ending, sumigaw pa nga, dapat patay na yun hayop na yun, kaso may kasamang buenas talaga. hehe
Well, any positive for this film?
Music, classical background, great, unfortunately for a bad film.
Actors, noong una, sabi ko, sobrang low budget talaga, pero they did there part, especially at the end. Lalo na yun girl, akalain mo AV actress pala, pero mukhang hindi. hehe
Effects, mukhang this will stand out. I thought I am watching a real thing, ang hirap yun effect, CGI and make up if there is any, grabe. Whew, I don’t think in this kind of film, you don’t need a director. Well, you need one, but siguro kahit yun FX supervisor na lang. hehe
and the effect pa din. hehe
Good thing, I didn’t eat anything for dinner, as usual. Or eating while watching this one.
I enjoyed watching it. And thought of watching some of those japanese extreme stuff. I can say, mas ok pa din yun visitor Q than this. Kasi yun Q, may plot kahit papano, pero slight advantage lang. Unlike this one. hehe Simple to almost no plot and like I said, pure torture porn.
Do I recommend this?
Hmmmm for a date movie yes! Bwahahaha
Nah, if you have a lot of extra time, sige. But if you’re a serious film fan and kinda selective or sensitive or curious one like me, go ahead. Hehe
But for those, just want to watch a movie, it’s not for you. Just watch New Moon instead.
By the way, naisip ko, bakit pa nilagay ng director yun unrated version sa opening sequence.
Kung rated version pala, edi parang 20 mins lang yun film. Parang short film na walang kwenta and for TV pwede na kasi tanggalin mo lahat ng basement scenes. hehe
Wow, I hope may director’s cut. hehe
Nice title though..


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