"The Big Meet"

As I walk in the dark streets of Kanlaon beholds of such excitement that I got and will getting at that time. I just came from a party of Khaye which I gave the very first part of my blog. I hope she liked it.
It was a simple birthday party for her yet the food was astounding. Damn, my diet was ruined, especially the kare kare and fried letchon. Damn, that dude is a good match to mom in terms of cooking. hehe

Well, we sang, watched UAAP vs. NCAA all star games, even laughed at the worst slam dunk contest ever. Hehe Rheg grilling me again and talked to Khaye and her family at least, hi’s and hello’s then well, some guest arrived and made Khaye happy at her birthday, we should be right?
So around 6pm, it was over and I need to rush back at the shop. But wait, I thought, well, slow things down first even I’m pressured. hehe I decided to walk from Bulusan I guess to Lourdes Church, after that, I decided to walk from church to my shop.
As I walk and walk, well, what do I expect in the big meet? Usual 4ba1 dudes and girls but not all of them. More stories, gossips and food I guess.
I also thought what to do tomorrow, I mean Sunday. Pacman’s fight, so what schedule do I follow? I just hope I can watch it live because Cotto is no pushover..
So as I strolled down the road and reached my shop, well, many customers and I think my day was kinda busy.. Indeed. That’s just the beginning..
7:30pm, store now closed and waited for William to go at Trinoma, specifically Krocodile Grille. Rode a cab and well, usual chit chat and we are both thinking who will come..
We did not expect everybody to come unlike that historic 2cpm meet. hehe
Anyway, as we arrived, we went right away to the grille and saw Joanne, the 2 liars oh Lawyers, Alvin and Aleli, great couple, lovely couple Jack and Walter who is now residing here!! Congrats!! and Tin Afable, wow, for years she showed up!!
Then waited for some seats, and we were seated. As you see in the pics, thanks to nene ah, it’s Iyen, we really have great time. Many guests arrived, former JCBA officers, then I had a great time talking to still parlance employee Abby. Hehe Then the FA came, Villa, who is beautiful. Simply. And how should I forget, Raims, with those kick ass sneakers! Cool!
So we talked and the food came and you may think I ate the Kare kare, sisig again or even the grilled squid. What I ate was adobong kangkong and some chicken steak, I mean grilled chicken ala pobre. Whatever. But it was great food!! Damn diet. hehe
Ah, yes, we were like celebrities, taking pictures left and right. Almost all of us have cameras and it’s like we are 15 people so what a time to flash those cameras.
Well spent..
Anyway, good thing even the camera of Joanne was accidentally fell at the adobo, it’s still working. Yehey. hehe
Then, we were kinda bored and the 2 lawyers wants some booze and even Alvin wants the beer tower so we left the Grille and went to Gilligan’s.
Unfortunately, they don’t have that tower. The tower we saw at Gerry’s last week. But same old ways. Beer bottle and a glass of ice. Well, I can say the beer was cheaper than other resto’s but it’s fine. We talked about life, more life, business which I hate, and more about life. Great topic.
Never ending stories about life..
We did not mind when that resto will be closing until the waiter signals the last call of placing orders and I was shocked that it’s already 1am and I need to get up at 7am. Good Lord. hehe
Time really flies when you have great friends around.
So, we got out around 2am.. Take a cab and had a short sleep. Great and sweet..
I can say it was a very very tiring day but good thing, two events completed my day. Seeing Khaye happy for her birthday, ehem the couple I mean. hehe
Lastly, best reunion we had in 4ba1 as of now. Why? Not only many who came to see Alvin but the stories, conversations, even sales talk, actually I am like the electrolux guy at that night. I have some cellphone stuff with me. hahaha
Best of all, it’s like college again, great time of fun and excitement. It might not show in the pictures, especially me because I am sleepy and tired, but the time spent there, priceless. Joanne says or everybody at that time, we hope we can do that again, of course, everybody should be at least present… Don’t worry, there is no failing grades here. hehe
When I saw the caption of Joanne’s email, saying “Alvin Asper here in Manila!” Is this a live concert? hehe
It’s better than a live musical gig concert whatever crap….
Even it ruins my diet..

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