realizations (part 8)

well, I know the last realizations were crap. hehe I thought of improving it this time. I hope so. hehe
It was a tiring and unlucky week and it ends at the 13th. Habang 0-6 ang RoS at nilalabanan ang Alaska ngayon, at habang Pacman is preparing for his fight on Saturday (US time) eh mangugulo muna ako. hehehe

I watched some films last night and kahit medyo malas ako kanina, I think masaya naman ang araw na to. Despite many, I mean many errands.
Then tomorrow will be a little bit busy, birthday ni Khaye and the big meet daw with 4ba1. hehehe
Before that, let’s see what I realized these days..
112. I really like walking around the house without slippers. Kaya madumi lagi ang paa ko. hehe
113. To withstand everything in my life or survive, sometimes, you need to be good and yes, you need to be bad. Experience both extremes.
114. I sang more old songs than new ones. Siguro masarap lang pakinggan sa tenga.
115. sometimes I don’t ask questions or ask advices, because some problems are I think needed to be solved by yourself.
116. But, I think, sometimes I need to let it out at least to some people. Especially, to one of my beloved treasures, friends. Priceless..
117. some mistakes are avoided kung nakinig siguro ako.. well, ok lang, sabunin na lang ako. hehehe
118. all the time, I thought I am overweight, until they told me, why are you so thin… What did you do. hehe
119. Indeed, poverty is a very good diet, you’re looking at it. hehe
120. Some of the reasons of my downfall were somewhat dumbfounded. I just thought of 2 persons, well, guess who. hehehe
121. Yes, kahit sabi nila gentleman ako, sige ngayon ko lang naisip, oo nga no. hehe
122. Whatever Rheg telling me, or texting me, kahit deny ako, ay tama. Psychotic este psychologist nga siya. Bwahahaha
123. Nice number.
124. I should avoid other gossips or meddling other problems. hehe Pero parang di eh. Keep it coming..
125. Dapat siguro I need to get or enroll in yoga. A peaceful environment, at least moments in a day. Good excercise as well.
126. even I like cold weather, this is my weakness in health shows. I am getting colds or flu, parang araw araw. Hay, damn cold.
127. I still stick with cold weather despite my conditions. hehe
128. why can’t I remove my trauma in riding bikes.
129. If Dragon Ball was crap because of wrong adaptation, or even speed racer, why the Japanese can just create those good animes to movies, rather than selling it to the US and make it crap. hehe
130. masarap pala yun green tea frappe sa starbucks. Interesting taste, thanks kay Chef. hehe
131. Stanley Kubrick is my favorite director. Shock yet inspiring films made by him are great.. Damn great, it’s inspiring like from 2001, to clockwork and even full metal jacket, or even Dr. Strangelove but not A.I.
132. Love is a many splendid thing.


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