As I stare to my picture taken by my bro Igz today at 2am, I told to myself I am become a prisoner of a nazi jewish deathcamp. hehe Waiting to be executed in days. Kasi sobrang payat ko daw. Wow. Well, sa tagal ko iniisip na I’m fat and things like about my weight like for years and starving due to stress and work, I realized, I don’t need to really go down in weight.

Well, how that happened? Siyempre dumating si Doc around 9pm here at the house to do some medical procedure, simple lang. Then, minutes later, Igz came in and chillout sa sala. Usap usap, by the way, bago dumating si Igz eh heart to heart talk kami Doc, mabuti pa yun dalawa serious kausap di kagaya ng isa diyan na walang ginawa kung hindi mag mafia wars at tumaktak.Bwahahaha
So, after Doc’s procedure done kay Tito eh, ayun kinarne na naman ako sa sala pa lang. Asar to the max. Peste. hehe Then tinawag na yun isa pang peste, magmeet daw sa Starbucks Retiro. So we did and talk a lot of things, well, I was grilled. Great.
However, it’s a great time. We haven’t seen together, the 4 of us some time now. The jokes, the laughs, laglagan, everything about CRAP is simply amazing. Lalo na yun part, na siyempre, mga banat ni Rheg eh talagang pang Vic Sotto, iinom na lang ng tea eh babanat ng matindi. Peste ka. Hehe
Then, of course, there was a topic about being healthy. As shown by our bro Igz, being vegan is hard, yet he is now reaping the rewards. Kaso ang argument ni Doc, parang mahal naman ang gulay and fruits lang kakainin. I am a witness of that. Grabe ang gulay ngayon, mahal!!! Parang double na price niya these days and with the help of the EO and hostage of oil, then it will make the matters worse. Lalo na holidays pa. Tsk tsk tsk.
So, I’ll skip that part on what race na naman ang pinasok ng iyong lingkod. Peste naman karera yan. hehe
What I can say is di naman ako mahihirapan maglose ng weight, but being healthy like excercise and that, I think matatalo ako. hehe Bad trip. I hope that those three bros will able to shape up their health. Kahit ako later na lang. I am still here unless I faint again. hehe But I know they will make it, lalo na si Rheg, he needs not only to shed weight, but improve his health as well.
Dun na nagcomment na since, they looking at me so thin, like malaki ang pinayat ko daw. Sabi ko stressed lang siguro. hehe Then suggest sila that I gain weight. What? Me? gaining weight? hehe
Well, that what’s happening to your body if you really focus on work, doing many errands and forgetting yourself. No love left for your health. I confess that I only eat once a day. A full meal, well that’s lunch. I eat more but usual snacks, and yun. Sobrang tipid ata. hehe I know I am dieting, it’s starvation. Good job!
Well, after those hoopla about health and being well. We went home na. Thanks to Igz, ayun nakauwi naman ako. Kapagod. Igz gave some good advices, well personal ones about ehem. hehe But one good advice is I should take yoga daw. Seriously, I thought of that before, but the problem is, if I don’t have time to go to a class, then I can’t even do it in my room kasi kailangan quiet right? This house is quiet at sleeping time. Saka mahal ang mat, I asked Igz kung pwede banig muna. hehe He didn’t reply and I know the answer I guess. I should get the damn mat.
Thanks to them, at least some of my pressures and stress are gone, for a day. Came back today and it mounted higher but that’s fine. The fun last night definitely helped me go through of these…
By the way, according to my BMI, thanks to google, well, I am not underweight. Way not. Normal weight lang pala ako. Yes!!! Hehe I just need to do some excercise and todas marathon I guess to win. Kaso ang deadline sa January na. Daya naman, I want to eat at Xmas and New Year!!! hehehe
Being healthy for me, will be a hard job. Seriously, I don’t know where and when to start. But maybe, I should think it asap since I am kinda sneezy again and getting colds. Whew.
Ah yes, the part one is done, that will be given on Saturday. May ZombieLand na ko, mga unang scenes pa lang panalo na. Hmmm dapat na talaga may movie marathon day ako, dami ko na nadownload pero di ko pa napapanood. Hehe Maganda Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland back to back.
What else? Busy Saturday and Pacman day on Sunday. I pick Pacman but later rounds, KO? I won’t count on that unless Cotto will wear out.
Can’t you believe this, Phoenix ko 7-1 na!! hehe Magaling si tandang Nash. Pero yun SAC, 3-3 na? Akalain mo kailangan lang mawala si Martin para manalo sila. hehehe
Hectic these days, I should squeeze sometime about my health..
Healthy living? Sounds great..
By the way, mukhang same vibe talaga silang apat. Same sentiment, user…. Well, no comment. hehe


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