6. Lady of Standard

Only two people saw her besides me. Hehe One is Alvin which luckily saw her younger sister as well, and Rheg, but those where years ago…

A long long time ago, after first year or I think second year college, and that was the showing of Star Wars Episode II I think, I am waiting patiently at Mcdo, SM North Edsa. For whom? Dad, who has a grand daughter, (if I got it right, called pamangkin kasi siya Ninong eh) not really related, gave a cell number to me and asked me to like be friends with her and ask her out.
I did, and I am waiting at that spot. Dad did not give me some like qualifications, or description of how she looks like. He told me that she looks like some artist but oh well, at that time, I am not expecting much.
Until, a tall, light skinned, long hair, beautiful face lady came to me and asked are you Alfred?
I answered, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s worth the damn wait for 30 mins. hehe
So there, we went straight to the Cinema and watch Star Wars for the second time (for me, because I already watched before at RP).
Actually, I didn’t care the Star Wars, I cared for that Lady. hehe At that time, I am in a trance and can’t believe that I am with a gorgeous one. A real headturner. Damn.
I am thanking my Dad at that time. For that time only. hehehe
Then, we started to getting to know each other, talking at the phone, went out again and this time, with Alvin, my great dudes from college, and with her younger sister. Unfortunately, you can’t choose two chicks at the same time. hehehe
Well, it’s just unfortunately again that we lost communication, not that everytime it’s just we rarely talk after the last time I saw her was like hmmmmm 2 years ago? hehe or maybe 3 years..
Did I court her? Nope, because when I stepped at 3rd year, I was so busy and I thought, that kind of lady has already a BF. How do I know? I asked her and I was not surprised. hehe I tried to really get close as a friend, but communications seems not the word for us.
Even her house is so near, just a jeep away, sometimes, nobody is at their house. Hehe
What I know for now, is she’s taking Dentistry and I hope she’ll be successful at her chosen course. Actually that’s her 3rd college course, so I hope she will stay put this time. Hehe Kudos to her.
I can’t believe this, while talking about her, good thing I found her sister profile here at FB. What a coincidence. hehehehe
Well, like I wrote to my grad pic for her, the lady I want, or that will really get me interested, is should be at her standard. Tall, pretty, simple yet educated. That’s why like Rheg says, I don’t get girls because of this “standard”. Bwahaha
Unfortunately, when I found the one, it was better, way above the standard.
After that, I’m single again today and let’s see if I can still a lady will pass my standard. I am not giving up, unless, when my heart says that is it. This is it. Not the Jackson movie or the album of the Strokes.
Standards… Wow, I think I do have high standards.
That’s why I’m still single. hehe
Very high…

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