hate vs. hatred

A time to ponder some feelings aside… Two words of the same meaning. I just found that out in wiki.. Very uninspiring. hehe

It’s not you’re watching Ichi the killer which both top characters are bad, very badass. You don’t know which side are you at. hehe Or rooting for perhaps..
If people look at me like very patient, well that was years ago. But at these times. I can show patience but deep inside. Damn it. hehe
Pero what I know ha, hate? Galit lang ako that time, like an hour ago pero lilipas din. Hatred? Di yun 5 to cast sa magic ha, na +X sa attack sa creature. Suicidal black deck. hehe For me, Hatred, something you really keep for a very long time. Even you forget to forgive that person pero thanks to time, you just forgave that person, without knowing it…
Of course, di siya mabuti for us. Morally and well, in my faith as well. God do forgive us, I am a witness of that. Kaso, depende kung ano pinaggagawa mo sa buhay. hehe Kagaya ko, siguro, kaya naging ganito buhay ko. Pero di ko naman pinagsisihan yun. I still believe.. God loves us..
Hate? Hmmmmmm Dati I hate ampalaya, pero ngayon di na. I hate doing household chores, lalo na when I was a kid, pero ngayon ok lang basta may time. hehe I hate hot weather, pero sa panahon ngayon, ok lang. Pero hate ko pag summer na. Hehe
I hate some pop songs. Yun lang, pero may mga pop songs naman ako sa zune ko. Some of them lang. I hate sa mga makukulit. Yes, aminin ko sometimes makulit ako pero di naman lagi. Hay.. hehe I hate na may kasama ako sa kwarto, pero pagtagal oks lang sa kin, that depends who is that person. Actually dalawa lang naman yun nakisama sa kwarto ko. And I won’t name them. hehehe
There are many things I hate but some of them, I can’t just do it or like it and some of them kinda like it now..
Hatred? Hmmmmm Bicycle, because it gave me a trauma when I was a kid. Long story. hehe I am eager to learn how to drive a car but not riding a bike. Weird eh? Ah, drowning. Everybody doesn’t want to be drown at the water, but for me, nung muntikan na ko sa Sagada, yun falls, ayun sobrang takot na lumangoy. Kaya di ako masyado marunong magswim. Crap. hehe
This is where the part I really have some hatred.. I do have some hatred at some people. But not until now, almost all of them, ok na sa kin. Ganun talaga, as time goes by, you will just forgive them by heart. Not in words or action, you just let it go and move on.
It’s not easy but I am a good person, so let’s just go with it and make the right thing. Sinabi ko lang di pa lahat na tao sa tingin ko eh galit pa din ako pero alam ko na balang araw, it’s over. Especially, pagnaka recover na ko. hehehe Kalimutan na ang lahat basta I’m happy and that’s it. Lack of words. hehe
Mahirap magpatawad agad pero ika nga kung Diyos nagpapatawad, ang tao kaya. That’s why Church doesn’t want death penalty. hehe Pero mahirap magpatawad kasi di naman lahat mapapatawad mo na lang na ganun na lang.
It depends on that person. It depends on the act itself.
As for me, as days or months or years go by, I learned something about those 2 words above. Some things you hate, let it pass or just forget and forgive. Some things you have hatred to, are really damn hard to forget and just hope, for the best.
Which side are you?


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