We were seated at the middle of cinema 7. Some trailers, were shown then basterds came in.

This film is damn long. I thidownload (4)nk this is the longest that QT made. It’s like your watching watchmen with some dull moments. Hehe Ok, let’s start the review. The film itself, kala ko foreign film eh. Almost 70%-80% german/french, then 20% english sama mo na yun dialogue ni Mike Myers na brit. hehe
The film was about Nazi occupying France, and US sent Brad Pitt’s squad to finish off the Nazi’s. Sounds like well, kamikazee mission of sorts. UK wants to do the mission as well, by sending help. hehe Well grabe naman ang Nazi, talagang jews lang tinotodas nila. You can see that at the first scene. As the story goes by, approaching to their goal of finishing Hitler and his army, siyempre QT’s trademark, daldalan to the max..
Whether it’s german/french language o kahit simple english, ang haba ng script nila. Hehe The plot? May revenge kasi sa isang character dun na minalas din sa huli. Then yun action/adventure, Brad Pitt’s army completing the mission. Maayos naman ang plot but it’s just long. May time na muntikan na ko makatulog. Hehe Script is good. Every character or actor, was given good script lalo na sila Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz (talagang manominate ito, galing grabe), yun mga sundalo, even Mike Myers. Hehe Siyempre, the jew girl na gusto makahiganti but like I said, minalas… O kahit na lang yun mga Nazi, even the dude who played Hitler. Hehe Eli Roth? Sa huli lang siya effective. Hehe
Sound, bit ok. May ibang songs kasi na, di fit sa movie but it is ok naman the other songs.. Dapat mga punk songs na lang nilagay niya since german. hehe Or bossa since it’s in france. Whatever. Is it worth 200? Siyempre. Hehe Kasi the performance of the actors, galing talaga. Lalo na yun pag may scene si Brad Pitt. Redneck talaga na badass. hehe Saka Col. Landa, mautak talaga saka magaling yun actor na nagportray sa kanya. Even si Hugo, hehe Hayop! Kaso todas eh, bad trip.. Mainit kasi pumatay ng Nazi, ayun siya rin napatay. Setting din maganda tapos how it ends, kala ko mauudlot yun mission nila. Bad trip kasi pag kaput ang mission, they shaved so many nazi scalps for that suicide mission just to get that close. Hehe Action scenes, kahit maiksi, pwede na din. Sabagay QT didn’t intend this to be a war movie ata. Kala ko kasi war movie like Spielberg did. Hehe It’s a good move pero di ko siya panonoorin ulit sa November 4 unless pag may nagyaya ulit. Hehe Mas maganda pa din yun mga ginawa niya dati, except for death proof. Hehe He should creat a movie, sci-fi or comedy naman, para maiba. However, it’s a collector’s item, or worth ilagay sa movie library.
Almost 12 am na ko nakauwi, Joanne enjoyed the movie. Me too! But darn, I missed black dynamite.
Lt. Aldo Raine did get his nazi scalps including Hitler’s.


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