Upstairs, uptight

In life, there are changes. My life, needs drastic changes. Hehe And this is one of them.. My original plan to have my computer in my room, became a reality. By myself. However, it will take sometime to have my DSL connection back since I need a phone line..

After getting some dirt, bruises and tons of sweat, now my computer is located near my bed. At my feet, but now at my side.. So when I wake up, the first thing I’ll stare at is my lovely yet old computer..hehe
This computer of mine went places. First at LP, then here at QC, my first room upstairs, then when cable internet came, I decided to put it down for a stupid reason of everybody can use it. Hehe Then since I want to be alone in my only vice in life (for now), I want my computer close to me..
Is this James Woods in videodrome? Well, not yet. Hehe You may ask, why buy a laptop instead so I can bring it anywhere? I don’t have money to buy one. Hehe I thought at first I don’t need one, but now, I should put it in my dream list. For now, I’ll stick to my desktop archive.. My library.. My witness..
My secret box..
So, I just want to hope that this will serve its purpose. Making my life easy and staying put. Easing my stress and worries, no need to go down. hehe Doing multitasking as well. Hehe Most importantly..
Keeps my happiness alive.
My room now, kind of tight yet I feel so right. Right here..


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