realizations (part 7)

ADMU became champs. Me? became a chump. However, nothing’s changed when I thought of some things. Happy, or sad, whatever. hehe

101. Akalain mo may part 7. hehe
102. I wrote a lot of things here.
103. if I’m alone, I’m kinda peaceful and happy.
104. Nagagalit ko pag may sobrang makulit. Kahit sino naman di ba? hehe
105. just now, my room is my sanctuary and my temple.
106. 5 years after graduation, damn fast. hehe
107. na medyo magulo ang priorities ko. hehe
108. that family does matter, close to each other, but not all the time.
109. my life is in a crazy traffic these past years.
110. na pagsusulat ko dito ay naging good outlet, avenue. Wag lang sa quezon ave. hehe
111. that’s my number..


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