Don’t ask Norman Black if he is having deja vu. Hehe Yan ay malalman sa huwebes. Akalain mo yun UE, my prediction only to them, at least 3rd or 4th place. Pero etong FEU kasi nakarma kay Barroca, ayun sibakation. Bwahahaha That game on Sunday shows UE has a big chance of ending a long drought. Hehe Sabagay, gusto ko mapahiya si Jaiyabang. Ang lungkot naman ng graduation nila with Badet and Rabeh. Hehe

Let’s go back time ’06. UST was the champion at the expense of ADMU. Same scenario. Hehe I am working, well malamang training with HSBC alabang. Tahimik pa ang buhay ko doon, down south. Hehe Ah yes, that time, I am with Rein, full of love. Aysus.. Yihee. Hehe
Well, simple yet secured life that time. Almost.. May inspiration pa. Hehe Sarap.. You can see that at my blogs in my friendster account. That year, was good for me.
Press fast forward, at eto na buhay ko now. Bad trip. Hehe anyway, alam mo naman ang buhay ko. Taghirap, magulo pero still happy, in the sense that I’m still here and still writing.. Not losing hope. Loveless. Hehe
Very opposite indeed what my life reached this year. Who’s to blame? I’ll let it out hmmm later months..
Naisip ko nga, kung di nangyari ang mga problema that time, siguro sobrang carefree na buhay ko at may lovelife pa ko papuntang marriage. Hehe Bitterness..
However, ganun talaga, you’re in the web unescapable inner conflict, you’ll be drawn to it, no questions ask. It’s not I don’t want to help, it’s just I’m not the person to solve the problem. I made the problem worse..
And I’m paying it dearly until now. So don’t ask me if I’m in deva ju. Hehe Those years are not really the same..
For me…

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