7. Renegademaria

Find it weird of sorts.. but this is the alyas I’ve given of one of the great ladies I met in my life.. I also made this an email address, but was cut off because of gmail. Hehe I used this nick as well wayback CS days. Hehe Her real name, is kinda long, at first, I can’t believe that’s her real name. Very far from her nickname. Whoa.. Hehe

I met her wayback college, almost the same time with number 8. I’ll be punk’d by doc for this post. Hehe Let’s go back time, hmmmm when I am still in precom and doc is at the main building, I forgot what event we met but what I know was we were addicted to counterstrike! hehe (precom days are really damn crazy and lazy at the same time. Hahaha)
Anyway, moving forward, so for times that there were no prof, classes as well, doc will text and play CS for that vacant time. Or even at days off. Hehe By the way, she was a classmate of doc at that time, and doc also invited other classmates to play CS. (but most of the time, I play with cpm dudes! hehe) So, after hours, or even classes cut due to playing CS, hehe I had a chance to talk then eventually friends with her. Looks? hmmmm damn! Hehe You can actually see her at my facebook profile, but finders keepers. Bwahahaha At college days well she’s a bit chubby but looks great, her face just fit to her height. Attitude? One of the boys type and bubbly, cheerful as well.. I can bet, that she’s beautiful than any celebrities here. Hehe Especially now? Come on dude..
You might ask why we did not end up each other. One of them, closeness, since we are in different colleges and schedules, I don’t know her that much at that time.. Second, conflicts as well, I can’t just join the party. Hehe Lastly, she’s far away even now..
Speaking of now, I want to give advance congrats because she is getting married. Good thing, she changed dramatically and has a great career now, so I wish for the best and success, I know you’re happy on the path you took, just take care always ok? Drop by here at pinas some time. Hehe
What made her special? With that looks, she is very approachable, and down to earth. That’s why she’s one of the boys.. Sporty as well, she’s fit to play basketball than me.. Bwahaha
You see how unhealthy I am since then. Hehe When I met her before in college, I thought of lucky, and I should find one kind of girl, at least like her. Never thought I can meet another girl like her. Easy going, same interests, free flowing friendship. Indeed. I did meet another one, I found her at 3rd year college… And she wants me to play fish world now. Hehe
Maria, what a name… I never thought I’ll know 3 girls with the same name. But, that’s fine, all of them, worth knowing.. and be friends with them. Amen.
Except for one of them. hehe


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