Sais (2 of 3)

When I’m listening to Joy Division, you should know what state I’m right now. hehe Am I regularized? Nope.. Do I have my own shop? Uh not yet. hehe Sa 6 na buwan marami na ko natutunan, especially hands on business. Lalo na siyempre sa cellphone.. hehe

Other things, hmmm besides getting very sick last week, eh di na ko nagkasakit ng grabe unlike call center days.. Oh balita ko, speaking of Dell, may UK account na! Ang sarap nun, medyo normal life.. Hehe May graveyard shift din sa UK kaso wala nang tawag yun. Thanks to HSBC. Hehe I just love UK..
Problems? Same old problems and wait, there’s more!! hehe it’s getting crazy of sorts. Hay naku, kabaliw na, kung kailan patapos na yun taon, dun pa nagkakagulo.. Hehe
Love? Well, wala eh. Walang bago.. However, I did fall for some girls, quote and quote, girls. hehe Pero di pwede. Pag love ba, kailangan ba lagi sa bawal? hehe wala ako sinabi..
Future? As of now, it’s still on the plan, but that may change. Especially, if somebody really wants me to get out of this..
6 months indeed fulfilling..
Many things learned.. And still learning..
Many things changed.. And still changing..
All I can say is, after 6 months, I am still at the middle of opposing forces..
He said, I always have reasons.. Then he should be in my place and see what will be the reason to say?
How tired I am?
I already shouted thrice at nobody..
Full house I’m in.. hehehe
(Eto dapat nun Sept 21 kaso, sobrang, ever busy. hehe)


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