An hour ago, I can’t believe that Administration party, or the Lakas Kampi merger whatever party, dig it’s own grave. hehe
Bakit? Naman, wala na silang pambato, meron nga, pero pano mananalo yun? hehe Simply stupid. Tama nga si Gibo, ok lang maging John McCain, matatalo. hehe
Good thing nakabawi na ang JRU sa San Beda, di ko nga alam kung pano sila nanalo, pero may chance sila, ang tanong na lang, paano sa Baste? hehe
Well, enough of the other crap.
Right now, after a year of using Google chrome which I should celebrate last week, but due to some work, the only chance I had to write this is now. What a lucky guy.
Sa isang taon, di na ko gumamit ng ibang internet browser. hehehe At first, pag may video, pull up mozilla then chrome, but now, I don’t even pull up mozilla, or even opera. What a waste. hehe
I really like chrome so much because it’s easy to use and the bookmarks window, like opening a new tab is fantastic. One great feature is I don’t need to pull up, just type anything you are looking for in the address bar and there it is, you found it!!!
Sorry opera, the fave bookmarks window, is already at chrome, I already removed you in my programs. hehe Mozilla, you’re lucky in my programs list, pero malamang, malapit ka na din mawala. Mabagal ka naman bumukas tapos magbrowse din, parang ala ka na din kwenta. hehe Siguro kila Rheg at Doc may silbi ka, pang bukas ng isa pang facebook account. hehe
Everything about Google Chrome is great and I just hope that it improves more and be more efficient and reliant. The biggest improvement is I don’t need mozilla for streaming videos, I just need Chrome. Actually, I have nothing else to ask for any improvement.
I love this internet browser and I am looking forward for some great improvements in the future!!!
Others, will be simply left behind, like the dude who was chosen to run for their party. He can run, but be sure, he can accept defeat. hehe I am not rooting for the other one, I just don’t know who to vote for now, especially sa manok ko, parang di na tatakbo. hehe 2010 elections will be a test of our nation’s character. So sana lang, pumili tayo ng presidente na di tayo dadalhin sa kangkungan. hehe Sama sama daw tayo, siya na lang magisa!!! hehe
Or akala mo petiks, pero yun pala, mas petiks siya pag naging presidente. hehe Yun isa naman, ewan ko, sige mayaman na yun lungsod niya, but how in the earth can he transform our country into a strong country with our bad fiscal situation.
Ewan ko, yun isa lalaban daw, pero nagback out. hehe
Hay, in the end, history will repeat itself. What heritage do we have…
Anyway, bakit naman ako napunta sa pulitika? Siguro talagang naginit ang ulo sa kanila. I hope V is real, we need is anarchy. A real change not for the system, but for the people, people who wants order and peace.
Naks. Kaso walang taong ganun eh, walang pulitiko na uunahin ang bayan kaysa sa bahay niya sa US.
I still encourage anybody, to use google Chrome. hehe
Well, google chrome is great, especially for facebook…
What’s your browser?



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