Black Dynamite

Before I start for this blog. Kakasawa magenglish. hehe Let’s watch something new. Sana mapalabas dito or pag nasa DVD na, download ko na agad. heheIt’s a movie, funny new movie, doing spoof of all 70’s movies, specifically blaxpoitation, you know low budget 70’s movies. Well, wala naman napalabas dito nun, pero yun aura talaga ng movie, parang turn back time talaga, tapos comedy. Saka yun spoof sa chinese kung fu movies, grabe, galing ni michael jai white. Well, he was in Spawn, kaso di siya masyado sumikat. However, he is super cool and knows kung fu. hehefor FB friends, you tube na lang ha.Anyway, what happened to me these past days. Well, it was nerve wracking. Sa sobrang pagod ko, kahit si Mommy, medyo nataasan ko ng boses. hehe I never do that, but ika nga, may pisi din ang pasensya.In other words, I am so tired. I am always depressed but oh well, thanks to my kinda religious faith, I am still here. I still put a smile on my face, kahit ganito. Ano naman kasi magagawa ko, ganito na siguro ang buhay ko. Kaya, itong two weeks na to is important. I hate fate, but mukhang this time, maniwala muna sa fate. hehe Think positive nga ika nga ni Robin.The real rest pa lang nakukuha ko? 3 hours ago, watching 100 bravo scariest moments in movies, what a way to have a relaxing time. heheWell, let’s see what’s going to happen. Should I stay or should I go?Other ways to be happy these days, when the trailer came out, naku, panay nood ko nito, pang pasaya. hehe

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