promised you a miracle

Well, while doing this, I am watching the music video of it. Kinda crappy. hehe Sayang naman, maganda yun song. How did I discover it? Thanks to Kuya Dong’s compiled DVD of new wave songs, I accidentally played this song at ayun LSS na ko. hehe Mabuti pa yun “don’t you forget about me” na music video. Eto eh crappy na, medyo badet pa ang dating. hehe

Now, well, I’m browsing to some interesting sites. Sa shop, well, going strong. Me? Happy because of what happened last weekend. However, I don’t know what will happen in these next weeks. It maybe fast that I shouldn’t blink. hehe
I decided to convert all the movies using the xilisoft converter. It is so perfect for the zune. Hehe Kahit yun mga panget na pelikula, sige dun ko na lang iconvert. I got 2 films that are really classic. Comedy classic. Blues brothers and Spaceballs. Reminiscing talaga ang 80’s.
Oh yes, if God promised me a miracle, it should happen tomorrow. When UST fights DLSU. hehe Buti na lang Pares na lang ang bet. Mas mura eh. hehe at may plus pa UST, so dapat kung matalo UST, kailangan di tambak para panalo pa ko sa odds. hehe
Miracle indeed. Other miracles I saw or felt? Hmmm many of them, but I won’t put it here. I will just keep it somewhere else..
Somewhere inside me. hehe
Anyway, what else.. Ah yes, may schedule na pala ko for the post. Wala lang para organized. hehe
Doing this maybe for asking a miracle.
I don’t know. Maybe just tired. hehe


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