emotional wound

nakapunta ko kay Dad after what, months later. hehe The reason? To borrow some coats for the weddings. Hehe While waiting for him, eto looking for some classified ads, some articles, and garbage. Hehe As you see, my Dad’s house is not that in order but oh well, in times you need something, one place to visit. His house. hehe Anyhow, while waiting for him, I found some article in PDI, from a writer, talking about her experience from one convention. I mean she was assigned as a source person, to talk something about a product, in a different way. Kasi yun product is about healing some scars and wounds. So she discussed.

Emotional Wound. How to heal from it.
Actually, she pointed out six points, however, medyo nakalimutan ko yun iba. hehe I still remember yun important points.
One of them, is give time to heal. Siya nga nagsabi ata na don’t set any time to make sure na ayos ka na. Kagaya ng ginawa ko, ayun di pala tama. hehe Pero tama siya, let time comes to me and heal by myself. I know, it will be a long way, but I still believe, all of these bad things will end.
Another one I remember eh have an artistic outlet, like writing, singing or drawing just to let out something from yourself. Mukhang nagagawa ko nga. Matagal na! You’re looking to it. All the things or ideas coming from my head, the rants, points of view, are all here. So parang nasa path ako of healing. hehe
The last is support. Sorry di ko nakuha yung other 3. Hehe Sa family, to tell you the truth, kaunting support lang eh. Iba talaga pag medyo sira. hahahaha Pero I am still grateful that at some times, they are my last refuge.
From my friends, who keeps me at bay, keeps me happy even at these situation. I am very grateful as well.
Special/Best friends, who are still there and giving great help. Thanks talaga, kahit ilan beses ko magsulat about them, I won’t stop. Hehe Thanks.
The memories. The fun, even the saddest parts, I think will help me to heal these wounds. It will take some time to recover but one day, I will be free. Walking with somebody full of happiness and freedom. Starting a different happy family, a close one.
Enough said. hehe I was carried I guess for eating too much tonight kasi sa birthday ni Kuya Allan. hehehe
Ah, one more thing.
The real title of the article is how to heal a emotional scar. Something like that.
I just changed it. hehe What happened to me is not only a scar, it is a deep wound. More painful, more time it needs to heal.
And it’s now healing… slowly.


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