You are not wrong. You are reading it right. Yes. hehe Ika nga ni Nick, baka religious daw. Edi sabi ko, mag google ka tsong. hehe The title of the blog is well taken from a documentary of the same title. I watched the trailer before, well last year and I was very curious. As you see, sa lahat ng documentary napanood ko, from my fave Super Size me, to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit, and other’s, or how about Borat? hehe Wala ni isa sa kanila tackled about, Religion. Until this documentary came in. As what Bill Maher said (I just realized he’s a damn smart comedian), it’s ridiculous. Religion is ridiculous. Bill Maher said that, not me. hehe

Siyempre, noong napanood ko yun trailer, natawa talaga ako, and realize, mukhang may point siya. So, I downloaded this film, thanks to DSL and here it is, I watched it. I myself is a catholic, a normal catholic person who goes to church every sunday. Reads the bible everyday, no joke. Doing good things hanggang kaya ko, going to confession, yes. Lastly, praying everyday to God. I can say, I have a strong faith, which is the reason why I am still here. hehehe
Then, the film starts, at first, medyo ilang pa ko kasi mga banat ni Bill Maher, which is kind of offensive, but that’s his view. Pero nakakatawa. Like for instance, when he shows his old pictures, from baby, Sunday mass, and while doing that, siyempre nagnanarrate siya on what his view about being a catholic. Kagaya ng, he was very bored when going to mass, why nothing happening to him even he prays, and even his Mom, stopped going to church because of ehem, birth control things like that. Pero, tinuloy ko pa rin panoorin yun, kasi Bill looks like, confused, on why people need religion. Inamin naman niya na he used religion as a topic for his stand up comedy, pero not that deep or tinira niya ng matindi. He is right as the film progress.
Ok, medyo mahaba kung isa isahin ko pa yun mga pinuntahan niya. hehe I will cut it short. Siyempre, inuna niya yun catholic, Roman catholic. From US, to vatican, and some preachers, he is searching for some answers. Like in one interview, with a senator in US, medyo lamang siya nun una, pero nung nagtanong na si Bill about specific ones, ayun tameme. Parang mas nagaral pa si Bill kaysa dun sa Senador with a famous quote of his “You don’t need to pass an IQ test to become a Senator”. He answered that in response to Bill’s question about people following the senator as a known religious person. Good grief. I shouldn’t vote for him. hehe
Then, another interview with a preacher na talagang mapapaisip ka. Bill said, which is correct na dapat simple manamit ang isang sugo ng Diyos. Ang problem, the minister wears good suit, with, lizard shoes, I mean shoes made from lizard’s skin. Ayos. Well, sa atin, sa pari simple lang, pero yun ibang religious leaders, kala mo may concert. I mean, tama naman we should wear proper and decent clothes in a mass or celebration but not extravagant. Like that preacher na may DVD pa, as he promotes it tapos sabi niya he doesn’t have a salary? Come on. Oh well. hehe
Then, marami pa siya kinuha points from scientist, priests, hmmmm people as well, oh, how I will forget the holy land park scene, which may sense naman, actually sila lang talaga yun kahit papano na enlighten si Bill about being a Catholic. However, may isang question dun na may point siya. He is interviewing a person who potrays Jesus, Bill asked, na bakit ang Diyos di pa niya tapusin tayong lahat since we are destroying ourselves, ang sagot nun actor, it’s not yet time and parang God giving us a chance to renew. Bill became silent. hehe
After Roman Catholic, which he also went to Vatican na sinipa naman siya, hehe he discussed also some Religions na talagang napaisip ko. Like Jesus in Egypt has also the same story and events, even in Hinduism ata, may parang Jesus din na story basta ang galing, very informative. Tapos, the Mormons, which I can say, buti na lang di ako Mormon. Opps. hehe Grabe, their doctrines are very weird. Anyway, kaunti lang eh yun sa ibang Religions na niresearch niya, sabagay, sa dami ng Religions sa mundo, kulang yun dalawang oras. hehe
Islam or Muslim was his next topic. Ah, yes, that part really struck me, because on how they fight for their faith. Lalo na yun director na pinatay in broad daylight, at the streets because gumawa siya na film which is very offensive to our Muslim brothers. Di ata siya nagisip. hehe The cartoons, the wars, so forth, their mosque, doctrines as well, which is not for general discussions. Very sensitive. hehe Basta, I understand them better, ganun lang talaga sila and we should accept them. Accept their faith so we can have peace. Nuff said.
Oh, marami pang info na interesting like there is a ministry for smoking weed. That’s damn. And about the holy land in Israel, now I know kaya pala sila nagpapatayan. In the holy ground as stated in bible, now stands a Mosque, tapos, near there is a Jewish place then sama mo pa yun sa tin, ang gulo. That’s why the fights, wars, bombings won’t end there. I just pray na sana we can just have peace for all of us.
May mga interviews pa na interesting, basta, I definitely recommend it, and it’s funny and informative and well, I am still a catholic after watching the documentary. It’s just Bill’s view.
It ended in Bill’s strong view that Religion won’t really help you all the time, and won’t answer all your questions as others say. If it’s the end of time, then so be it as he says, while standing at Megiddo, the place where the armageddon will happen as the bible says.
The film itself, kung may time talaga sana nadiscuss lahat and sana yun mga ininterview niya medyo matino naman. Di naman sa pagmamayabang, I can answer some of his questions straight. Di kagaya yun iba, umiikot pa tapos sa huli, mali din ang sagot. hehe
By the way, I still believe Bill prayed before. I mean bago siya umalis sa church kasi one part, sinabi niya na di na siya magyoyosi if one hard problem of his is solved. Eh nasolve yun, wala nang yosi. Hehe It means, kulang lang siguro to sa dasal. Some things, you cannot explain, just happen. Do you think that’s science? Sometimes no. It only means, whoever your God is, he has a plan for you why such thing happen whether it’s good or bad.
I think Bill cannot accept that. hehe
In God we trust.


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