Wedding year

Have I thought of getting married? Of course. Before. hehe I want to have a simple and secured family. A loving wife, and sweet children. Like a normal family. I thought of this because I was invited by my 2 friends, in their wedding. Hehehe Both of them are girls and it seems they are happy. First, well my close friend for years. Almost 9 long years. I first met her when we were fresh grads from HS, we met actually in MIRC, then many things happened, became close and now, she is getting married. Congrats to Tin. hehe What can I say to her? After everything happened to you, I hope this is the time you can settle down, live lovely with Dexter forever. I am very happy that you met the person you can be with, and I hope that he won’t make you cry.

The another person I know, who will be getting married, well my classmate from college, Kriska. I think she found the one as well, besides, I can see her as a typical housewife, except for being strict at budget. Hehehe I mean, not in the wedding but expenses in life, as she talked about it once before. Anyway, I wish her for the best, and they really look good, a good couple. Like Kriska said, Francis is the guy and together forever. Naks. Hehe
Forever is their common word. It’s not only a word, but a feeling that keeps you going, when you’re married. Wedding is a first step to that. I’m not a fond of what should I like in my wedding, not because it’s a guy thing, but I just want a simple one. Me and my soon to be wife, in front of God. Making romantic vows in front of all the people, then that’s it. I believe the wife can make the setting. hehe Or what motif, whatever. Since, you can be only married once and have a wedding once. Others, well, I don’t know how they can be in a wedding more than once. hehe
Another thing they are kinda similar is they will be married, one day apart. Yes, at August 29, I will be at Tin’s wedding, good grief that it’s only at QC. hehe On August 30, I will be at Kriska’s wedding and kinda lucky, I shall ride with Leo going to the home turf of Kriska, Clark. Kinda near eh? hehe
Right now, I am planning what to wear, and there is a slight problem, I don’t know what gift I can give to them. Well, I know what to give to girls, on a date, or ehem to add advantage. hehe But I don’t know in weddings. Seriously. Birthdays will be easy but no clue at weddings. Come on, should I give them a set of plates? Utensils? Or how about mugs? hehe I just don’t know. Or just crash. hehe
Even without the gifts, the most important part is I will be a part of one of the most solemn, happiest part of their lives, well, our lives. Getting married and be with the person you can sleep, eat, drink, kiss, hold.. Together and nothing will stand in your way, except like in the movies, there’s some objection. hehe I don’t think that will happen in both weddings.
I know, definitely, damn tired after those weddings, of course, the party and celebration, but at least, I can think what should be my wedding.
Garden, Church, hmmmm Chapel, or in a Beach. That’s it, it’s endless, but I shouldn’t be thinking of that now. Besides, I don’t have anyone in my mind and heart who to be with. Before, yes, but oh well, past is past. Hehe Actually, we did plan that, but nah, it’s going to be a shot in the heaven to pursue on that.
Nevertheless… Some people says, you need to get married early, other says, get married when you’re secured and stable..
My take? Hmmmm I already said that before in my previous posts. The girl I love and we make each day a lovely one no matter what happens. A girl worth waking up and put a smile in your faces. That’s the time, I will get married. hehe
Wedding is just a start, marriage, is a different thing. I don’t want to discuss that. hehe
It will be a long night.
I am busy these past hours, watching movies of sorts. I should find somewhere in time, I know it’s kinda old, but the story and the couple, I know it’s sad, but for me…
That’s love. Eternal love.
Oh, no year yet when will be my wedding. hehe

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