Well, almost 2 months up to now, I got addicted to my DSL. As we know, I used to have cable internet for 2 years, and it was good. the only problem is the speed. I noticed that when I am visiting websites and they are slow to load.

Not only that, I am using bit lord and when I am getting the files or crap, hehe it takes at least a day to get the file. I am talking about, a 700 MB file. Or less. For albums, at least 3 hours.. Kinda slow, and there was a time that I need to do something to kill time just to finish the download. Hehe Or worse, leave the computer all day or night.
Those reasons made me decide to switch a provider. Hmmmm of course the first choice was PLDT.. However, due to the bad experience I had way back at LP, and you will need to have their landline, it’s a waste of time. Second choice, bayan DSL. We do have a bayantel landline, for a long time. Well coz of Mom. I checked their plans, and quite cheap, just a small margin. I just don’t know how they serve.
Of course with PLDT, you do have good connection, but sometimes not all the time. I heard some horror stories, from friends, and Ron who had a computer shop before getting connection problems for a week?! It happened once but that was a big loss for a business. It did occur again, but only for hours or if you’re unlucky, days. Hehe
There was a third choice, Globelines, but since I experienced bad connection and service when I was in LP, I crossed them out. By the way, they charged us for that. Good grief. They are the worst. Hahaha
So, after checking the options, I went to bayan DSL. I heard from my good friend that the service is good and connection as well. The only problem before when I apply, is I need a letter of consent from Dad. I went to bayantel first and check the plans. Asked some tech questions, even the sales agent was kinda rude, and I told her I’ll be back to check, funds and arrangement with Kuya Allan.
After we reached some agreement, well I went back right away to bayantel then apply. At first, I thought it was done (the name was under Dad’s name yet I used mine, since we’re both have the same first and last name) hehe It didn’t go through, so they just asked the middle initial of Dad then I just filled out again the form. Hehe
Approved then wait for ehem, 5-6 business days. At first, it disappointed me, but well better to wait than nothing. That was a Sunday afternoon..
Tuesday came, and it was lousy day at the shop. Then, I was thinking at that time to transfer my computer to my room so I can stay and I don’t need to come down. Plan changed. Hehehe Mom called and was telling me that a dude will come to our house and install the DSL, at lunch..
I waited then minutes, just 30 mins, the dude is in the house already. Mom called me and told me to get my ass at the house asap. Hahaha
I asked permission from Kuya Alpro, then I rode a trike back to home. I saw 2 dudes, one from meralco which threaten us to pay asap or have our electricity cut. Hehe
Then there is the DSL dude. I opened up my computer, it’s password protected that’s why. Hehe The tech guy installed the DSL quickly, pop the modem and set up the address, that’s it. I checked how it surfs the net.. Fast. Facebook, fast. Youtube streaming, damn fast. Hehe
Well, that’s what you call fast install. Hehe At the first week, it has some problems, but when I called them, well, prompt response and quick fix. It took some days to fix the problem coz of my computer, like managing the OS first? No way.. Hehehe Reformat my computer? Oh no. Hehe Anyhow, thanks to Kuya Allan, problem solved. That was the last time it had glitches but now, I am download crazy. Hehe It has some small connection problems but just click disconnect, refresh and connect, ready to go.
I first saw the lola techie commercial and they do as advertised. Ang dali. Hehe
With my new DSL connection, I was able to get the hard to find albums, like is this it? By the strokes. Remastered albums of new order. Hmmmm hard to find films like mad max.. Or my fave film this year, watchmen director’s cut. Hehe and some programs and some secret stuff. Haha
To sum it up, it’s worth it to have this connection.. In one sleep, I got films and albums downloaded and enjoy it. I don’t need to wait for days. Hehe I still wait for days to finish the download but of course, that’s bulk downloading. I can’t do that at cable. Hehe
I should create a list for that, hmmmm I don’t know where to start and what to get. Hehe I wish I can have this connection for the year, as long we are good payers. Hehe
I have some readers already eh. I want to them. I just hope they will continue to read my long, ehem boring blog. hehe To Khaye, I’ll work your special request. Hehe
Download this now!?!
What happened to the meralco guy? Well, we promised we’ll pay it the same day, gave him pamerienda and left. Then hours later, we saved from being cut, we paid it of course directly to Meralco. That was so close..


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